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Nine Learnings from Series Two of the Early Careers Podcast

RMP Enterprise Co-founder Ollie Sidwell co-hosts The Jack & Ollie Show | The Early Careers Podcast, which shares insights, trends and innovations across the early careers space.

Launched with AllAboutGroup’s Jack Denton in September 2018, the 5 star-rated podcast has been a rip-roaring success across the early careers space, and we’re closing in on 3,000 listens over the past 12 months.

As Series 2 draws to a close, Ollie shares a wrap up of the takeaways from the eight interviews, including a bonus and first LIVE podcast at the Institute of Student Employers (ISE) Conference in Manchester in July.

Second seasons are very easy to get wrong. Jack and I discussed as much during our ‘Series 2: Wrap Up!’ podcast. Rebirthing an idea is tricky. It’s the same with movie sequels - just ask Steven Spielberg about Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World, or Patricia Birch about the highly forgettable Grease 2. And those two aren’t even in the Top 10 of the 50 worst sequels of all time. 

Did Jack & I have similar troubles? Nada. We strolled into Series 2 with the air of confidence befitting John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John. Jack & Ollie, the modern day John & Olivia. 

In Series 2 we interviewed a brilliant bunch of folk. From experienced graduate recruiters, to specialist schools and training providers, and from insightful suppliers to a Lord in parliament; we took The Jack & Ollie Show | The Early Careers Podcast ‘on the road’ for the first time and what a first destination!

Below are nine key learnings from our interviews. You can listen to the podcasts in full by clicking on each or finding ‘The Jack & Ollie Show | The Early Careers Podcast’ on any of your major podcasting platforms.

Nine key learnings

  1. Effective onboarding ensures a greater "speed-to-value". Alice Scott, Managing Director of Development Beyond Learning and expert in behavioural science discusses the onboarding process, what to look out for and how behavioural science techniques could make your onboarding process more effective. Alice Scott | Behavioural science and the onboarding process

  2. "Get buy-in from the top". Helen Alkin, Head of Resourcing and Strategy for Emerging Talent at British Airways gives an honest account of how she started, built and grew an apprenticeship programme during her time at M&S. Now leading BA’s team team, Helen shares her advice and highlights what's important internally when starting and growing an apprenticeship programme. Helen Alkin | Apprenticeships: What’s going on behind closed doors?

  3. ‘Wildcard’ universities expand your reach. Rebecca Fielding is the founder of Gradconsult and Mike Grey has a career history rooted in employability and placements at various universities before joining Gradconsult three years ago. Listen in-full as Rebecca miraculously gets the phrase “hide the sausage” into what has been our most controversial podcast yet. Mike Grey & Rebecca Fielding | Great university & employer partnerships

    Early Careers Podcast - Mike Grey and Rebecca Fielding
     Jack & Ollie discussing 'Great university & employer partnerships' with Mike & Rebecca 

  4. Unpaid internships are a thing of the past. Lord Holmes of Richmond is Britain’s most successful Paralympic swimmer. A former journalist, a former lawyer and now a champion for the eradication of unpaid internships,. He speaks passionately about his private member’s bill, what unpaid internships mean for society and the economy at large as well as their impact on young people. Lord Holmes | The injustice of unpaid internships

Early Careers Podcast - Lord Holmes Jack, Ollie and Lord Holmes recording 'The injustice of unpaid internships' podcast

  5. ‘One-click apply’ can reduce incomplete applications. Ashley Hever, Talent Acquisition Director, UK and Ireland for Enterprise shares his experiences trying dynamic new techniques such as SMS recruit and ‘one-click apply’ to increase the conversion rates of interested candidates to quality applications. Join us as Jack also brings a friend to the podcast. Ashley Hever | Volume Recruitment: The Recruiters Laboratory🔬

  6. Careers Advisors & Careers Leaders are different! Janet Colledge is one of a small group of Career Educationalists in the UK and one of the founding members of National Careers Week. She discusses the intricacies of schools, deep-dives into the Gatsby Benchmarks and shares her ‘do's and don'ts’ for effective school partnerships. Janet Colledge | What employers need to know about careers advice in School and Colleges

 7. End-point assessments have transformed standards. Simon Ashworth, Chief Policy Officer at The Association of Employment & Learning Providers (AELP) demystifies the expansive training provider landscape. A must-listen for anyone using a training provider, Simon explains the current situation, the future trajectory of apprenticeships and the source of apprenticeship funding. Simon Ashworth | Demystifying Training Providers

  8. Degree Apprenticeships are on the rise, but for how long? Dave Brooks, Head of Paid Media and Performance and Rowena Back, Entry Level Talent Strategy Director at recruitment marketing agency TMP Worldwide UK discuss the merits of Degree Apprenticeships with their recent survey findings. Dave Brooks & Rowena Bach | Degree Apprenticeships – on the rise, but for how long?

  9. We can podcast live!! In the first ever LIVE version of the podcast, Jack & I were invited to take the stage at the annual ISE Conference in Manchester. We explore both plentiful acronyms and dodgy sound effects whilst taking a look at the following networks: Association of Colleges (AoC), University Vocational Awards Council (UVAC), Career Development Institute (CDI) and Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP). Jack & Ollie | LIVE | Four School & College Networks You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Early Careers Podcast - ISE ConferenceJack & Ollie recording LIVE at the Institute of Student Employers (ISE) Conference in Manchester

Jack & Ollie Show Apple image

Coming up in Series 3, Jack & I will explore:

  • The secrets to a successful social media strategy
  • The intricacies of effective onboarding and integrating apprentices
  • How to choose a Training Provider and many more early careers topics!

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Thank you for reading and thank you for listening! 🎧
Ollie (the Ollie half of Jack & Ollie)

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Ollie was also featured on BBC Radio 4’s The Bottom Line with Evan Davis discussing ‘Internships’ in March, click here to listen to the recording.


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