Posted by Conor ● 3 August 2018

Akkroo Announce £1.75 Million Investment

RMP Enterprise’s sister company, Akkroo, have announced a 1.75 million funding in a Series A funding round led by Conviction Investment Partners (CIP).

Akkroo co-founder Chris Wickson, one of the original co-founders of RMP has described the investment as ‘a major milestone’ in the company’s journey.  

Akkroo is SaaS company that has revolutionised event lead capture. They believe collecting and processing leads from events is broken, and offer solutions to help exhibitors maximise ROI.

Oliver Sidwell, who formed RMP Enterprise with fellow Loughborough students Alastair Lindsay and Chris Wickson back in 2007, is equally delighted with the news...

"We are extremely proud an idea that we first launched on campus at various careers fairs has spun off into an event lead capture category leader across the world.

“As a business we attended 100 Careers fairs across the UK each year and back then, we used pen and paper to sign students up. The RMP team would then have to type up students' data to add it to the database. It took too much time and we estimated we that 30% of the data was lost through misinterpreting poor handwriting.

“Chris, our co-founder spotted this issue and devised the idea of collecting data digitally on iPods. It was a brilliant success! 100% of the data was correct and when students were added to the database they received automated welcome emails.

“Our big break was having global IT giant IBM see RMP at a Careers Fair using digital lead capture whilst they were using pen and paper to sign up students; as soon as we told them about it, they knew it was the future! IBM encouraged us to white-label the product for them to personalise and now any company can utilise the software too to ensure efficient and effective engagement with students.

“Seeing this success in the Early Careers market, Chris then spun off our sister company Akkroo and has seen the software go from strength-to-strength. GDPR regulations have come at a perfect time too as the new regulations have been coupled with the need to track and maximise return on investment from events.

RMP through it's revolutionary Talent Pipeline software RMP Connect, is one of the biggest users of Akkroo and licences the software to clients in the Early Careers space.”

The investment marks an exciting next step in the Akkroo journey which will see them invest and expand further into the US market.


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