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Now in its fifth year, started life as a review platform, providing a peer-to-peer insight into what it’s really like to undertake an apprenticeship programme by those who have experienced it first hand.

Roll the clock forward five years and RateMyApprenticeship now hosts over 12,000 reviews and live vacancies; helping students on a daily basis in their search for an apprenticeship or school leaver programme.

The Top 100 Employers Table

The Top 100 Employers Table is an exclusive ranking for employers in the school and college leaver market who offer the best apprenticeship, school leaver or work experience programmes in the UK. Based on over 4,000 reviews from young people who have completed a school or college leaver scheme, the Table is unique and provides an amazing insight into what apprentice and school leavers really think of their scheme and employer.

With over 500 companies on RateMyApprenticeship, being a part of the Top 100 Employers Table is a fantastic achievement and one we make sure we shout about throughout the year. The Top 100 Employers Table reaches schools, students and their parents nationwide via:

  • The Top Employer section of the website, which receives thousands of views a year.
  • A Nationwide and localised PR campaign launching the Table
  • Through our annual publication; A Guide to Career Options contains the Top 100 employers and is sent to EVERY school and college in the UK (that’s over 6,000!)

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In an ever-changing and diverse market, it’s more important than ever to be recognised as a Top Employer in the apprentice and school leaver market. Let’s take a look at the reasons why...

  • A sign of quality. With the apprenticeship market changing on a daily basis, it’s never been more important to showcase your schemes as high quality to potential applicants and their key influencers.
  • Attract the best talent. The reviews on RateMyApprenticeship help students make informed decisions about the different apprenticeship and school leaver opportunities available through trusted peer-to-peer feedback.
  • Free branding. Your logo will reach thousands of schools, young people and their parents throughout the year, with the opportunity to enhance your presence through a number of different services on RateMyApprenticeship and in our annual publication.
  • Benchmarking. The Top 100 Table allows you to compare how your scheme performs against other employers in your industry, region and by programme type.

Not only that, encouraging your school leavers and apprentices to review their experiences on RateMyApprenticeship enables you to gain invaluable insights through honest, constructive and genuine peer-to-peer feedback, with the opportunity to gain a further detailed analysis into the school leaver and apprenticeship market.

This can help you to further shape your schemes to ensure you’re attracting the best talent, whilst benchmarking against your competitors who rank top of the class within your industry.

How to become a Top Employer?

Becoming a Top Employer is simple! You’ll need the following;

  1. Encourage at least 10 reviews from your current school/college leavers and apprentices
  2. Complete your eligibility statistics form
  3. Keep in touch with the team to see how you are getting on and how many of your cohort has reviewed
  4. Look out for your invitation to the RateMyApprenticeship Summer Celebration to find out where you have ranked!

If you have any questions or want to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with your account manager. If you haven’t got an account manager then drop us an email here.

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