Posted by Conor ● 7 March 2018

CASE STUDY: Attract Quality Applications


An investment banking client wanted to ‘attract the unattracted’ in student talent, targeting students from non-traditional degree subjects to their undergraduate roles.

Our team from On-Campus Promotions delivered events across seven target universities to engage with students who wouldn’t usually apply for our client’s roles.


The campaign comprised of a fresh smoothie bar, an interactive video wall, games on a touch table and a #hashtag printer. This was all housed in a 10 metre fully branded inflatable dome.

This allowed students to fully immerse themselves in our client’s company culture, the people who work there and the career opportunities available. Each event was placed in an area of high footfall to ensure it received the maximum number of ‘un-attracted’ students.

All students were greeted by specially hired Brand Ambassadors and the client’s business representatives, who showed them around the event and spoke to them about the different career opportunities available.


  • We achieved 210,000 estimated brand views across 7 universities
  • We collected 2,139 pieces of student data
  • 61% of the data collected were students studying non-traditional subjects
  • 99% of students rated the event as ‘very good’ and ‘excellent’


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