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"Give Insight, Get Insight"

*Title credit to our first three insight students from the University of York (thanks guys!).

We hosted our first EVER insight day... and it was brilliant.

Insight days are short-term opportunities where a student can spend time with an employer, getting a taste for working in their organisation, working on real time projects and learning how their business works.

Ironic, we know - advocates of work experience but yet to host an insight day. Well, not anymore! On Wednesday 20th June we welcomed three first year students from the University of York to join us for a day of learning, mentoring and hands on projects.

From the start we wanted the day to be interactive and inclusive, which is why before the candidates joined us on the day we asked them:

  • What team they would like to shadow for the morning
  • Which employee they would like to go for lunch with
  • To prepare a presentation about themselves to present which we could then give critique and guidance on

Informed on what their areas of interest were, which delightfully for all three was marketing, we devised a morning which allowed them to get hands on experience on setting up a marketing campaign.

On The Day

Armed with a brief and lots of colourful felt tips they were to tackle "What makes the ultimate Insight Day," thinking about how they would attract applications from first year students across the UK. The session showcased their ability to think about the target audience, how they would engage with less career focused freshers and how they would project manage a marketing campaign to their peers.

insight day ideas

The brief sparked lots of creativity and the students came up with some spectacular ideas which we will be implementing come September time!

Following the morning session, the students were taken by their RMP employee of choice to experience the culinary excellence of Brixton - we're talking Spanish, Mexican AND Japanese soul food. This time allowed the students to ask questions and get career advice from individuals in fields they are interested in.

After an indulgent lunch they were welcomed back to an afternoon of employability workshops. All three sessions focused on skills they would need in a recruitment process, as well as on the job.

employability workshop

Why run an Insight Day?

As an employer you may be reading the above and thinking, well that sounds great for the students but what does RMP get out of it?

To be honest, a lot! But to keep it short and sweet, here are three key factors:

  1. We now have amazing students feeding in to our early talent pipeline. All three students were fantastic and would all suit internship and placement roles we have available. 
  2. As students, they were able to give us ideas and feedback on marketing activities for our target audience. Not only did they help to shape a marketing campaign we will host in the new academic year but they also told us the right language to use and the best places to be. 
  3. RMP Enterprise has been able to have an impact on the career of our future generation. If they took away one thing or ten, we have been able to support students in the first step of their career, something we are continuously striving to do as a business. 

creating ideasNow we've got a structure that works, we will 100% be doing more insight days for first year students from all universities.

If you have any questions about insight days or are looking to host one and want to know how we handled the logistics and itinerary then please get in touch.

You can also see what the students thought by reading their reviews on RateMyPlacement.


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