Posted by Daniela ● 8 August 2019

How to Break into the Elite

On Monday 29th July, BBC2 aired their investigative documentary ‘How to Break into the Elite’, detailing the struggles of university graduates who want to break into Britain’s prestigious professions. Written and narrated by Amol Rajan, BBC News’ media editor, he spends time with graduates from very different backgrounds at that crucial moment when university ends and the difficult hunt for a job begins.

Our Client Partner, Emma Miles, has shared her thoughts on this documentary via LinkedIn, and what it means for the student recruitment industry. You can read a snippet below or click to read the whole article...

“Last week, I watched Amol Rajan’s BBC documentary ‘How to Break into the Elite’. The documentary highlighted how less than 10% of elite career professionals were from working class backgrounds despite a third of the UK population being classified as working class.

“Among many things, the documentary started a discussion in our world of early talent and raised the question: is there more we could be doing to support young people and change this statistic?

“I have been on the other side of direct recruitment now for almost 5 years, helping employers to connect with 16-24 year olds from all backgrounds into their early careers programmes. Being an ‘insider’ means I know that a lot of companies are working hard to make their programmes more accessible, including changes to their entry criteria, open days, and contextualised recruitment. So, why is it that this documentary revealed that only a small pool of students from working class backgrounds manage to break into these elite professions?”

Emma then goes on to share her thoughts about what can be done to change this story, discussing the impact of grades, money and time on leveling the playing field.

Read the full article here and join in with the discussion.


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