Posted by Ollie ● 25 March 2020

Protecting Early Careers Recruitment During COVID:19

Can you remember what life was like just two weeks ago? 

We were still able to go to work, see friends and exercise OUTSIDE! Now, the majority of us are working from home, staying 3ft away from passers-by and worriedly counting our remaining toilet rolls. 

Coronavirus has hit us all like a right hook from Anthony Joshua. The impacts are being felt globally, as well as closer to home. 

And yet, there is hope! Here is how we can protect early careers recruitment from COVID:19.

The impacts of COVID:19

The latest research from our friends at the Institute of Student Employers (ISE), which represents some of the UK’s largest employers, has reported that firms have scaled-down their recruitment of entry-level staff as they take steps to adjust for coronavirus.

The ISE has stated that more than a quarter (27%) of businesses are reducing the number of graduates they recruit this year and 23% will cancel this year’s apprenticeship and school leaver programmes.

Short-term undergraduate work experience such as internships and placements will also be reduced by almost a third (31%) of businesses and 68% have cancelled work experience and short-term insight opportunities.

It’s not all doom and gloom!

Around a third of firms also plan to continue with their recruitment plans, adopting their processes by shifting interviews (71%) and assessments (60%) online. And firms are moving employability initiatives such as mock assessments, enterprise competitions and talks online. 

How we can protect early careers recruitment

At RMP, our business is built on inspiring young people to take the first steps in their careers. 

Co-founder of RMP, Oliver Sidwell comments, “This latest news is worrying but completely understandable during this period of uncertainty, and we are committed to supporting employers and students however we can.

“According to our latest survey, 54% of employers retain their placement students and interns as graduates. With employers reducing the number of undergraduates they’re recruiting, it’s never been more important for employers to build and nurture their own early talent pipelines, as competition for graduates will be fierce.

“We have developed a feature on that allows students to ‘register their interest’ with employers online when they aren’t actively recruiting. The uptake on this has been fantastic with students wanting to be kept in the loop about future programmes and application timings. This, and other digital activities, provide an opportunity for employers to build their early talent pools while students are at home.

“We’re also passionate about supporting the wider community during this time and are advertising key worker roles for free on If you or someone you know can benefit from this please get in touch as we’d love to help!”


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