Posted by Ollie ● 2 July 2019

Our Inaugural Summer Charity Fundraiser!

On Saturday 22nd June, 14 of the RMP Enterprise team (and extended team!) embarked on an epic and delightful 20 mile walk from Hampton Court to Windsor, to raise money for youth homelessness charity Centrepoint.

We've worked with Centrepoint for two years and been involved in all sorts of charity fundraisers, from the usual sweepstakes and bake sales, to in-office golf tournaments and their landmark 'Sleep Out' event, where six of the team got in their sleeping bags overnight in London to try to both raise money and also understand the challenges those less fortunate face on a daily basis.

The Hampton Court to Windsor walk was something we organised ourselves and came about whilst dreaming of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro... and then realised we should probably start with something a little smaller before all taking two weeks off to head to Africa! 

hampton court to windsor walk

We couldn't have picked a sunnier day for it and promptly set off at 9am heading west along the Thames Path. The morning was spent on the south-side of the river, past the beautiful houses of West Molesey and the many ducks, geese and swans of Sunbury-upon-Thames, before we crossed the river on the Shepperton ferry to the north-side of the river. Through Penton Hook Lock and Chertsey, we'd surpassed half-way with morning calippos and reached The Swan in Staines for a well-deserved lunch and refreshment stop, which was buoyed by the news we'd just hit our fundraising target! 

rest stop

Post-lunch we kicked on into the afternoon. The Health & Safety Rep brought out the plasters as the heat and distance started to take it's toll, but we all regathered, spurred each other on and landed in Windsor at about 7pm!

It was a fabulous day, celebrated in true RMP style with a very welcome cold drink before we all went our separate ways and enjoyed dinners, baths and beds!

Overall, we we're extremely proud to have raised £2,105 towards such a wonderful cause and one that is close to our hearts. It's been financially the most successful fundraising event we've ever done at RMP and I'm sure we'll be looking to do it again next year.... Africa 2020?

made it to windsor!

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