Posted by Conor ● 9 May 2019

Introducing Your Customer Success Team

Sophie Nathan, our Customer Success Lead discusses the exciting changes in the Account Management Team...

Our Account Management team recently underwent a makeover - they are now our Customer Success team. 

In this short blog, I’m going to explain why we made the change, and how it’s going to affect your campaigns going forward.

Why customer success?

We’d been doing some background research on the differences between account management and customer success (CS).

The team then got together and we discussed what we had discovered in a brainstorming session. There were two main topics of conversation. How do companies similar to us refer to their campaign delivery teams? And does account management best describe how we work?

We quickly realised that our day-to-day roles and behaviours were much more aligned to CS than they were to account management.

For example, we proactively keep in contact with clients throughout their campaigns. We work with you to get the most out of your packages, taking a more consultative approach. Account managers are traditionally more reactive in their roles. That’s just not us!

It was a big decision to change job titles and job descriptions, and not one that we took lightly. And the team were really keen to ensure that the changes were not just superficial. It wasn’t a job title change for the sake of a job title change, so that we could edit our LinkedIn profiles or print new business cards.  

So during our brainstorming session, we also started to think about the ways in which we could change our mind set, and explore how we could bring CS to life in our day-to-day roles.

CS Team vs2

Introducing your Customer Success team: Chloe Challis, Sean-Stanley Mbaeri, Sophie Nathan, Steve Rich and Sarah Killian.

What's changing? 

The research we put together when we first explored CS highlighted exactly how much we already were a customer success team, but it also showed us a few things we could do to complete the transition.

We’ve summed up the main changes in this particularly creative acronym, OOPS.

OBJECTIVES   This year we want specific objectives to shape your campaign. We’ll make sure we understand your goals and KPIs from the beginning so everything that follows helps to meet your objectives and delivers specifically what we have set out to achieve.

ON-BOARDING   We’ve never actually had a formal on-boarding process. In previous years we requested the basic information which was needed to get a campaign set up. Moving forward, we want to streamline this process. We’ll send you a welcome presentation to introduce you to your CS contact, a timeline for what information we need and when, and some useful content to support you at the beginning of the campaign.

PROACTIVITY   Our CS team are going to be proactive, not reactive. In the past, we probably dealt with challenges as they came. Our aim is to now be more on the front foot. What does this look like? We’re going to proactively measure the success of your campaign performance. That way we can reach out and make recommendations for how we can enhance the campaign in real-time.

SUPPORT   Over the coming months, you’ll notice we’re sharing a lot more stats with you so that you have clear visibility of how your campaign is progressing. We are also going to be looking for a lot more feedback from you throughout the campaign. Particularly on when and how often you would like us to contact you. This is to ensure we are collaborating in a way that best suits your needs.

Over the next few months, we’ll be planning ahead for the upcoming academic year and bringing OOPS into the way we deliver and monitor your campaigns.

CS Team

There’s nothing for you to do on your end, this transformation from account management to CS has been designed only to make your campaigns better. We hope that OOPS will really enhance our offering.

And we wanted to keep you informed about what’s going on behind the scenes!

If you want to find out more about the transition, feel free to get into contact with Sophie, our Customer Success Lead, or your contacts in our CS team.

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