Posted by Ali ● 30 March 2020

Let’s Get Digital - How digital campaigns can help during COVID-19 uncertainty

We don’t mind admitting it, most of the RMP Enterprise team were sitting at home alone (responsibly socially distancing) shouting at the screen as the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers survey was announced last Friday. 

The announcement this year was aired on YouTube Live, instead of their normal event, due to the impact of COVID-19. But that didn’t take away any of the nerves and excitement of seeing where our clients placed. 

The Times Top 100 survey is still a hugely important part of many recruiters’ calendars. Many look to boost their online and on-campus presence around January and February when the survey takes place. 

RMP Enterprise has helped over 50 clients over the last few years raise awareness of themselves during this period, help build their talent pools, and ultimately climb higher in the Top 100.

But it made us think, could these campaigns help employers engage students during these uncertain times?

Supplement your campus presence with digital campaigns

When RMP Enterprise first started promoting clients to boost their rankings, it had to be physically on campus. We handed out anything from sweets, smoothies to valentines hearts. 

Although the benefits of face-to-face are huge, this comes with a high cost and time commitment. Especially if you wanted to target all 34 universities that form the survey. 

Digital campaigns however, particularly those based around a competition hosted on a bespoke microsite, have the potential to engage A LOT of students. 

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Why digital campaigns work

Digital campaigns work well for brand building around the Times Top 100 survey because:

  1. They have a wide reach across many students from many universities, even if the student isn’t physically on campus 
  2. The competition (or maybe the prize), incentivises participation from students who may not have been interested in that employer
  3. There is less time (and cost) commitment to be on campus
  4. These digital campaigns allow clients to build a talent pool of students who have entered, and opted-in to hear more about the employer
  5. The talent pool can be nurtured and educated via email, especially if if the recruiters aren’t recruiting for roles at that time

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The impact

These digital campaigns grow in strength and reach every year. The 7 campaigns RMP Enterprise ran in 2020 saw the following results:

  • Campaigns reached almost 200,000 students
  • 12,000 students’ data captured
  • Clients moved up 60 places in total (an average of 8 places) in the table

Why these campaigns could work for companies impacted by COVID-19

As the ISE announced in their survey, graduate and work experience hires will be greatly impacted by the uncertainty. There are going to be less students starting opportunities over the next few months, and companies will have less future talent in their business.  

So how can digital campaigns help? 

Well, they help engage students, even those not specifically thinking about that company, and they help to build a talent pool for an employer, which can be educated, nurtured and informed when recruitment starts up again. 

By building a talent pool of talent, it may add some certainty about the future at an uncertain time. 

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