Posted by Daniela ● 9 May 2018

Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

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RMP is recognising Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 (14th- 21st May)! Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, the sole purpose of the week is to raise awareness of issues in mental health.

It's not new that mental health illness has increased in recent decades, especially amongst millennials. What is startling, however, is the spike in mental health illness for Generation Z.

"According to the Mental Health Foundation, one in 10 children and young people in the UK are affected by mental health problems. And 70 percent of those have not had appropriate interventions at a sufficiently early age – meaning that these children and young people will likely be carrying their mental illnesses into adulthood." Source.

At RMP, our motivation to recognise MHAW is two-fold...

  • In providing platforms for young people to take the first steps in their career, Gen Z are our main audience! We want to make sure we're doing our bit to acknowledge the vulnerabilities of young people coming into the workforce.
  • For our team! Being proactive about taking care of your mental health and wellbeing can be as simple as exercising, eating well, sleeping enough and turning your phone off at night. As an employer, we know it's not enough to sit back and hope that your employees are doing those things.

What are we doing

We are hosting different activities throughout the week to bolster our current wellness efforts and ensure that we are raising as much awareness about mental health as possible. This will include meditation, yoga and HIIT sessions, a book swap and guided breathing exercises, as well workshops led by our Talent Manager Ruby and Director Ollie.

How can you get involved?

Help raise awareness within your organisation! We've given you a few ideas so feel free to steal. The more we all do to help raise awareness of mental health issues, then the more we can do to help those who need our support.

RMP is recognising Mental Health Awareness Week (14th- 21st May). Find out more on their website here.


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