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Posted by Conor ● 21 February 2018

New Company Values Unveiled

A few months back, RMP uprooted from Westminster. We packed up our belongings into crates, said tearful goodbyes to our favourite pubs and sandwich establishments, and hopped onto the Victoria line, three stops southbound to Brixton. 

Only three stops, only five minutes on the tube, but it's as if we've moved across three time zones.

Westminster and Brixton are like chalk and goats cheese. Formidable government buildings, grey suits and camera-wielding tourists and have been replaced by murals of David Bowie, African cuisines and buskers of varying talent. 

Moving to Brixton has been a catalyst for positive change, and provided us with the opportune moment to revisit our company values.

Why the change?

We felt that our original values, GRIDIC (Growth, Respect, Innovate, Deliver, Innovate and Collaborate) no longer reflected the dynamic nature of the company and the people within it.

Feedback was received, GRIDIC was ‘generic’ and ‘plain’.

‘BLAND!’ someone shouted, as they kicked over the bin.

We wanted words that were more impactful, more challenging, more RMP.

Goodbye GRIDIC, Hello EPIC-A

EPIC-A stands for Enhance, Passion, Innovate, Collaborate and Achieve.

Now to unpack it…

ENHANCE   ‘To be continuously improving'

 As a business, and as people, we want ambition and continuous learning, skill development and growth.

At RMP we push each other to continuously improve; to learn, grow and be hungry for self-betterment.

PASSION   ‘To be inspirational’

Passion is infectious. Our best people are passionate about their roles, the industry helping and young people find a career.

Passion motivates and inspires belief in everyone in and outside of RMP - so be inspirational.

INNOVATE   ‘To be the change’

Innovate survived the value revamp. RMP has been a team of innovators since day one - why stop now?

‘To be the change’ was added to encourage the team to continue to think differently, to lead the charge and champion innovation in their roles.

COLLABORATE   ‘To be supportive’

Collaborate is the second survivor. Given our portfolio of media, campus and software products across universities and schools, collaboration is essential, and was voted back in with rapturous applause, as if David Attenborough had just entered the room.  

This particular value reminds us of how we support each other for a collective purpose.

ACHIEVE   ‘To be the success’

We flirted with Vanquish, but settled on Achieve - less connotations of doing battle, more connotations of being amazing.

RMP thrives on individual and collective successes. ‘Be the success’ encourages the team to take control, take responsibility and be a hero.

Oliver Sidwell, Co-Founder and Director of RMP was closely involved in the reimagining of our company values:

“Understanding what we as a united group of people stand for, and sharing that belief throughout the team educates, inspires and drives the team to succeed. Our values are the ‘why’ behind our daily actions at RMP.”

This is a thrilling time for RMP - a new office, a new location, new branding and new values. That being said, our commitment to educating and inspiring young people to take the first steps in their careers has not changed, and will be mighty no matter our postcode. 

So to all clients, friends and RMP fellows of past and present, we introduce EPIC-A and look forward to continuing to work with you all in being EPIC-A.

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