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New Features on RateMyPlacement

The easier it is for students to find the best internships and placements, the easier it is for you (the employer) to find the best talent.

Which is why we’re always looking for ways to improve our user experience. 

So, we’re thrilled to announce not just one, but FOUR new features on Let’s take a closer look at them...

#1 Register your interest

After reporting a year-on-year increase in traffic to in the months of June - September, we realised that students were starting their search for undergraduate opportunities earlier and earlier. 

This new feature allows students to register their interest in a role before applications open. We then send them a reminder when it’s time to apply, putting them one step ahead of the competition. 

Since launching in July, we’ve seen a staggering 16,196 students register their interest in roles advertised on

How students use it:
  • Click to register their interest in a job that isn’t live yet
  • Complete their profile if needed (takes just 17 seconds!)
  • Get notified by email when the job goes live

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What does this mean for employers?

Advertising your roles before they open for applications attracts proactive students who are genuinely interested in working for you.

It also enables you to start building a talent pipeline of engaged students sooner. You can then keep interested candidates warm by email - from the moment they register their interest to the application closing date. This has proved hugely successful so far, with emails sent to students who had registered their interest in Allen & Overy, Gist, HP and Barclays seeing a 60% open rate and 44% click-through rate.

With a pool of applicants primed and raring to go when applications open, you’re likely to receive a higher volume of applications early on. Using register your interest, IBM significantly reduced their time to hire - receiving enough applications to fill all their HR placement roles in just five days!

But it didn’t just help IBM attract more early applications, it also attracted quality applications. In fact, 75% of offers for IBM roles were offered to students who had registered their interest before applying.

#2 Save job searches

Students can now save any job search they carry out on - rather than having to re-enter the same keywords every time they visit the website.

They also have the option to receive daily or weekly emails when jobs that match their search criteria go live. That means the very roles they are looking for arrive straight in their inbox.

How students use it:
  • Search for a role and click the ‘Save your search’ button
  • Give the search a name and choose how often to receive email notifications 
  • View and edit Saved Searches in their dashboard


What does this mean for employers?

Students who use search for roles that meet their exact criteria. The saved search tool makes it easier for them to do this. 

If it’s easier for students to find the jobs they are looking for, in turn, it’ll become easier for employers to increase the quantity and quality of applications they receive.

#3 Save jobs and track applications

Students can save jobs that they want to apply for later, and track applications on their personal dashboard. Here they organise their saved jobs by adding to-dos and notes, or editing their application status.

How students use it:

  • The saved job automatically appears in their saved items 
  • Edit the status, add to-dos and notes, and opt in to email reminders

What does this mean for employers?

Applying for jobs is a bit of a juggling act, particularly when just starting out in a career. It’s a hell of a lot of cover letters to write, applications to fill out and deadline dates to remember. And this isn’t helped by the fact that most students apply for several roles and use several job sites at once. 

Storing everything in one place on their personal dashboard makes it easy for students to keep track of each role they are applying for. 

We’ll even let them know when deadlines are approaching if they opt in to email reminders, so they’re less likely to miss an application date or forget about your role altogether.

#4 Social logins

Before we added the social login feature, a student would have to fill in their email address and password to log in to their account. Now they can log in using their social media account; including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google.

How students use it:
  • Go to any login point on the website and log in with their social media account


What does this mean for employers?

Students will always choose the path of least resistance. So, we decided to improve our user journey by removing any unnecessary steps. 

Using the one-click social login option, students no longer need to remember a password to access their account. 

This means more students revisiting their personal dashboard and applying for their saved jobs - which is great news for employers. After all, the larger the pool of applicants, the more likely you are to find the right people to fill your roles.

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