Posted by Amirah ● 20 July 2017

New Features on RateMyPlacement!

We’re excited to announce a brand new feature to help employers attract and build a talent pool / database of engaged students using data from RateMyPlacement.

To tell us a bit more, here’s Ali Lindsay, Co-founder of RMP Enterprise...

Ali, what are the new features on RateMyPlacement?

The exciting new feature has three interlinked parts:

Firstly, students on RateMyPlacement can now shortlist jobs, favourite reviews and follow companies, which allows them to manage their applications more effectively.

Secondly, students who have shortlisted a job or followed a company will receive targeted and personalised content straight to their inbox related to the information they selected.

The third part of the new feature is unique for a job board as it allows students to ‘opt in’ to hear from employers, giving permission for their data to be passed directly into an employer’s RMP Connect Talent Pool. The student data is then owned by the employer, allowing communication directly with students based upon their preferences and characteristics.

The new feature will allow employers to receive a steady stream of interested students sent directly into their talent pool and through RMP Connect’s reporting suite, employers will be able to track how many of these students, and other students in their talent pool, go on to apply and be hired.

What impact will this have?

As an award-winning niche job board, RateMyPlacement has always been about a targeted personalised experience for the student and this feature really enhances that. Undergraduate students will receive specific company and industry information sent to them at times that helps them with the application process from both RateMyPlacement and direct from the employer.

"For a company, their recruitment becomes more efficient as it allows them to target students about opportunities that are suitable to them."

Once the student is in their talent pool, they can engage and educate them with more targeted emails, messages and information.

What else can employers do to build their own talent pools?

Building a talent pool is one of the most effective ways of starting a conversation with students and demonstrating long-term ROI on your campus activity.

One of the most cost effective ways of building a talent pool is to leverage your company website traffic by asking students to register their interest in roles before they go live.

If you are going onto campus, convert the student contacts into your talent pool with data capture either online through event pre-registration or on a mobile device face to face.

Employers can also use their university network to collect data and build a talent pool. Social media, brand managers and societies can all circulate a form for interested students to sign-up to.

Building a talent pool is about casting the net as wide as possible, but capturing enough data from a student to enable specific targeting.

How have employers benefited from building a talent pool?

The benefits of building a talent pool are prevalent throughout a company’s recruitment pipeline.

In the early stages of the pipeline, clients have built up a large global talent pool of students they can engage and inform with regular emails and messages. Prior to application students can be invited to targeted events or sessions that will help them decide on whether they will apply to the company. Post offer, if any student reneges from the role, the company can re-advertise within their talent pool, rather than have to start from scratch.

Overall, building a talent pool takes the uncertainty out of recruitment as the work you’ve done on campus translates to a pool of interested students and you can use data to track their flow through your recruitment pipeline.

To find out how RMP Connect can help you build and manage your early talent pipeline, visit the website here or drop your account manager a friendly note!

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