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Nine Learnings from Series Four of the Early Careers Podcast

RMP Enterprise Co-founder Ollie Sidwell co-hosts The Jack & Ollie Show | The Early Careers Podcast, which shares insights, trends and innovations across the early careers space.

Launched with AllAboutGroup’s Co-founder Jack Denton in September 2018, the 5 star-rated podcast has been a rip-roaring success across the early careers space.

As Series 4 concludes, Ollie shares a wrap up of the takeaways from the eight interviews

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Series 4 saw us cover a real range of topics, we heard about the wealth of talent that exists at the relatively untapped world of colleges, were introduced as to why fizzy water is so popular in meeting rooms with Sir John Holman, who created the Gatsby Benchmarks, and we learned all about graduate recruitment and how it differs across the globe - interviewing experts in both the South African 🇿🇦 and Australian 🇦🇺 market.

Below are nine key learnings from the podcasts and you can listen in full by clicking on each, or finding ‘The Jack & Ollie Show | The Early Careers Podcast’ on any of your major podcasting platforms.

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Ellie Long | Evolve your branding & attraction using tech and community engagement

Ellie, Early Careers Talent Manager at E.ON, shares how she’s seen successful BAME candidates increase from 10% to 30% in one year, primarily through their recent investment in gamification during the assessment process. Useful for employers with regional offices, Ellie’s Nottingham-based community-first strategy led her to launch an ‘Experience E.ON’ afternoon for sixth formers to engage local schools and colleges and build her a pipeline of talent for their apprenticeship programmes - all on a very low budget!

Cathy Sims | Global Graduate Recruitment Series, Part 2, South Africa 🇿🇦

Cathy, runs the South African Graduate Employers Association (SAGEA), which is the ISE equivalent in South Africa. A continuation of our Global Series which saw us interview Anna Champion in Series 3 about student recruitment in Asia. Having worked at Accenture in South Africa and having set up the University of Cape Town Careers Service, Cathy shares her fascinating insights into supporting largely underprepared students from a country with high youth unemployment. Useful for anyone interested in global parallels, Cathy describes the highly popular scholarship that exists for two-thirds of university students, which sees them financially supported through university, whilst securing their future to that employer upon graduation...

Sarah Hobbs & Laura Anderson | Onboarding from offer to valuable employee

Our first double-act of Series 4 sees Sarah Hobbs, Director at Talent & Potential join Laura Anderson, Graduate & Intern Development Lead at HSBC to discuss the award-winning internship programme at HSBC. Having just won ‘Best Development Programme’ at the National Undergraduate Employability (NUE) Awards in February, they discuss how they’ve managed to reduce renege rates from 15%, right down to an incredibly measly 1% in the last year. Useful for anyone in development or anyone involved in internship programmes, Laura shares their strategy to empower graduates to run the scheme has led them to act as ‘Career Coaches’ for the interns.

Sir John Holman | The Gatsby Benchmarks

‘Sir’ John… Our regal list of guests extends to the first knight on the podcast - following Lord Holmes in Series 2! Useful for anyone involved in school or college recruitment, Sir John shares how he diligently researched and masterminded the eight Gatsby Benchmarks, which are now the framework for career provision in schools and colleges. Will there be a ninth benchmark? Did he actually meet Leonardo DiCaprio? And why is fizzy water so prevalent in meeting rooms? Better take a listen to find out!

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Helen Sherwood & Matt Roper | Placements: worth their weight in gold?

Helen, School Leavers and University Placement Scheme Lead at IBM and Matt, ex-placement student and now Senior Early Trading Manager at TUI join us in an employer-perspective follow up to the Series 3 podcast with Simeon & Sarah from PlaceNet on the topic of 'Why aren't more employers offering placements?'. Useful for anyone running or considering a year-long university placement or gap-year schools placement programme, we discuss retention rates, the fresh innovation placement students bring and an instant speed-to-value upon return.

Teresa Frith | Colleges: The Final Frontier

Teresa, Senior Skills Policy Manager at the Association of Colleges outlines the extraordinary levels of untapped student potential within UK colleges. Useful for anyone involved in school and college recruitment, we discover how forward-thinking employers partner with colleges to create bespoke training programmes. Teresa also outlines that there’s a whopping 700,000 STEM students across 230 colleges… baffling us as to why there aren’t more employers working with colleges given the high demand for STEM students!

Rachel Hewitt & Naomi Oosman-Watts | New graduate outcomes report; fundamentally changing the way universities operate

 Rachel, Director of Policy & Advocacy at the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI), published this new Graduate Outcomes Report in March. Useful for university professionals, we discuss ‘employability being a mainstream activity across all universities’, the impact this is having upon Careers Services and the tracking of graduate salaries as a key metric for success with Rachel and Naomi, AGCAS Director and Assistant Director of Careers at Newcastle University.

Julieanne Cutrupi | Global Graduate Recruitment Series, Part 3, Australia 🇦🇺

Julieanne, Careers Manager at the University of Technology, Sydney, shares her insights into graduate recruitment in the Australian market. Useful for employers and university staff looking to learn from other markets, we discuss the social mobility initiatives for indigenous populations and the advanced role technology is playing via platforms such as V-Mock, Inside Sherpa and West Pac’s avatar career coach Wendy!

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Looking ahead into Series 5, we’ll be extending our global series by speaking with Matthew Brink from National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) in the USA 🇺🇸, hearing all about Lloyds Banking Group’s focus on wellbeing with Natasha Tahor and hearing from students across the UK on their realities and experiences of going through application and assessment processes this year.

You can listen to all of the previous three series via any major podcasting app or via the website here.

Do ‘pass on the pod’ if you think a friend, colleague or even pet would benefit... and please get in touch if you have any feedback, or if you’d like to suggest a topic and interviewee for future podcasts. 

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