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Why we’re hosting an Open Door Virtual Event with NO barriers to entry

On 28th-29th October 2020, RMP Enterprise is hosting a two-day Open Door Virtual Event, titled ‘Well-being at Work’. The event will focus on mental health and well-being initiatives, as well as diversity and inclusion, and as such, will be accessible to ALL students from ALL backgrounds. 

Earlier this year, back when Corona was just a beer, and before COVID:19 rolled over the earth, we surveyed 1,672 students to discover what students really thought about D&I

The survey revealed to us a range of issues that attract and deter students from different backgrounds from applying for jobs. 

Based on the thoughts and insights of students who responded to the survey, RMP has organised a two-day Open Door Virtual Event that’s open and accessible to ALL students from ALL backgrounds. 

Here are some of the insights from the survey that underpin why we are hosting this Open Door Virtual Event with ZERO barriers to entry...

1. Mental health initiatives matter

The survey revealed that organisations that have mental health initiatives rank highly among all students. 

Mental health is now a very important consideration for young people, with 79% saying that adequate support provision in the workplace influences their decision-making about jobs.

(Understanding Student Attitudes To Diversity & Inclusion, 2020)

Students across four ethnic groups showed 100% support for employers having initiatives dedicated to the mental health of their employees. In fact, the responses revealed mental health issues are important across all BAME groups. This was also true for students with a disability.

The Open Door Virtual Event has been titled ‘Well-being at Work’, and it’s an opportunity for employers to showcase to students their commitment to mental health and well-being.


2. Showcasing employers' D&I initiatives

Being part of a diverse workforce really matters to students. Here are some key statistics from the report to illustrate this point…

  • 56% of overall respondents consider being part of a diverse workforce as ‘very important’, with only 17% deeming it of low importance
  • BAME students cared about the diversity of a workforce more strongly than the overall sample - 65% saying it was important to them
  • For female students, it was the 5th most important issue when considering an employer, with 63% of female respondents preferring to work in a diverse workforce
  • The trend is similar for students with a disability, 59% of them also wanted to work in a diverse company

Companies showcasing their D&I initiatives to potential employees is key to attracting this generation of undergraduates.

Once again, our Open Door Virtual Event is a platform for employers to start a dialogue with students about the issues that really matter to them. 

3. Virtual events increase accessibility

The research showed that almost a fifth of students have missed an interview due to work commitments, rising to 25% for students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. 

When it comes to missing interviews because of financial restraints, 15% of students said they had experienced this issue, rising to 26% for students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. 

Employers need to remove barriers to entry – such as travel costs or financial loss through taking time off work to attend face-to-face interviews – and increase accessibility through digital competitions and virtual events.  

And that’s why we’re hosting this virtual event. The virtual setting means there’s no travel costs or any financial barriers for students to attend, ensuring it’s accessible to ALL students from ALL backgrounds. 

Furthermore, the content from the event will be available for students to access 72 hours after the event ends. This means that students who have work or university commitments can still attend. 


* * *

We asked students to tell us what really matters to them. And they did.

This is YOUR opportunity to showcase how your organisation supports accessibility, mental health and well-being, and communicate with a truly diverse audience. 

Let us know if you’re interested in joining up to 2,000 students from all backgrounds at our Open Door Virtual Event. 

NOTE: There are limited places available, so move now or miss out. 


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