Posted by Lizzie ● 1 November 2017

RateMyPlacement sees biggest month of traffic EVER!

October has seen the biggest month for student visitors EVER in the history of RateMyPlacement.

In previous years, January normally tops the chart due to the mass amount of deadlines but October has stormed ahead - what a start to the campaign year!

Lizzie Brock, Marketing Director for RMP, said:

"Never before have we seen such high numbers of students engaging with the website and searching for opportunities so early on in the year.

"With 59% of graduate hires being made up of placement students and interns, there's never been a more important time for undergraduates to undertake work experience. It's great to see students being so proactive in their search."

It's not just RateMyPlacement that is storming ahead in the traffic stakes. RateMyApprenticeship has also seen momentous growth over the last year with October seeing just shy of 70,000 visitors, a 
massive 300% year on year increase.

We wanted to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported our growth over the last ten years. We wouldn't be here without the commitment and dedication of everyone focused on undergraduate employability in the industry.

Here's to the next ten years!

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