Posted by Ali ● 16 February 2021

RateMyPlacement’s £1,000 Charity Giveaway

Other than the odd snow day and the unbelievable drama of Handforth's Parish Council Meeting, the final hours of our £1,000 Charity Giveaway were by far the most excitement we’ve had this year.

For those of you who missed it, here’s a play-by-play account of what happened.

Covid-19 has hit charities hard, with less people donating and more people needing their services, they’re under pressure like never before.

So to offer our support, we decided to launch our very first charity giveaway on

The concept was simple. We put together a shortlist of 15 UK charities, each nominated by one of the RateMyPlacement team, and built them into our new digital voting platform.

There you could find out more about the work they do, before voting for a charity to win a £1,000 donation.

Open to one and all, RateMyPlacement’s £1,000 Charity Giveaway was promoted across all of our networks; reaching students, universities and employers across the country.

But we never expected the incredible response it would receive...

The final 48 hours

Whilst all was calm for the first 50 days of the giveaway, the final 48 hours had us all on the edge of our seats, as two charities broke away from the pack to battle it out for the £1,000.

They were Dream Big Ghana Foundation, an amazing cause supporting NGOs seeking to relieve poverty in the Volta Region of Ghana... And Children with Cancer UK, the leading national charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer.

A last-minute surge of votes for DBGF prompted an equal response from Children with Cancer, and from then on we were hooked... obsessively refreshing the leaderboard as the lead changed hands countless times over the next two days.

Votes came flooding in from far and wide, from students who use, to our university partners, clients and, of course, friends of the charities themselves. It even reached as far as Australia, South America, Ghana, the US and Hong Kong!

When voting closed at 23:59 on 22nd January, we’d received a total of 3,157 votes and 4,905 sign ups to

Receiving more than a third of the votes, Children with Cancer claimed the win with an impressive 1,305 votes.

A HUGE congratulations to them, as well as to close runners-up Dream Big Ghana Foundation who were just 40 votes behind. We’ve donated £500 to their cause for such a valiant effort.


On top of that, we’ve invited both Children with Cancer UK and Dream Big Ghana Foundation to be our Charity Partners for 2021!

They’ll benefit from our new review scheme, which will allow students to donate £5 to charity when they review their placement or internship on We’re hopeful that this will be a big fundraiser for these charities over the coming year.


Finally we want to say thank you to the RMPers who nominated, to you the voters, and to all the amazing charities who got behind this initiative.

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