Posted by Conor ● 20 March 2020

Key Trends from RateMyPlacement Review Benchmarking Report 2019-20

What do students really think about their placements, internships, insights and vacation schemes? And what can employers and universities learn from students' feedback to help improve their undergraduate offering?

RateMyPlacement's annual Review Benchmarking Report 2019-20 is now available, packed like an overfilled bagel with valuable, first-hand student insights. This includes insights into what students think about the general organisation of their work experience, their skill-development and social opportunities available to them. 

The report is based on a record 5,117 reviews that were submitted by students on last year.

This year's review report analyses trends across scheme, gender, region, industry and role, as well as a comparison with the review data from last year. 

To gain access to the full report and all of its insights, get in touch with a member of our team. 


Headline Trends from 2019/20

Insight are on the rise 

Insight schemes are consistently rated higher than both longer-term internships and placements. 

The number of reviews submitted for shorter-term insights have increased significantly, and for the first time, overtake placements as the second most reviewed scheme. 

The 'rise of insights' is a direct result of forward-thinking employers investing in first year students, and using insight schemes as a talent pipeline for second and final year students. 

Retention rates buoyant

The average retention rates for students on undergraduate schemes remains at 54%

It's fantastic to see employers continue to invest in undergraduate talent as a means of filling graduate roles in the future. 

Students that complete placements, internships and insights have a really good chance of securing a graduate job with their employer after university. And for employers, these schemes remain an effective approach for finding and retaining the top talent. 

Students value CSR initiatives and well-being 

The fourth-lowest rated question by students was Q15, 'Were there many opportunities to get involved in activities outside of work?'. 

CSR initiatives and well-being have become increasingly valued by students. It's what they look out for when choosing a company to work for. 

Giving students the opportunities to get involved in social initiatives outside of their work has become an integral part of their whole experience.

Employers across the UK are constantly innovating and improving their offerings in order attract the best students. 

If you want to get ahead of your competitors and find out what students really think about their work experience, get in touch with our team to find out how you can gain access to all these insights. 


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