Posted by Daniela ● 1 June 2018

How our clients use RMP Connect

RMP Connect is about attracting the best students for the best ROI, by converting candidates into hires and measuring the effectiveness of your attraction strategies.

Here are some real life case studies of RMP Connect from our clients who attract all forms of early talent, from the apprenticeship market to undergraduate to graduate. 


Register Your Interest

Problemregister your interest

A number of employers were unable to communicate with students proactively engaging with their early careers website. They were missing the link between those browsing the opportunities available and those who went on to apply.

Our Solution

Adding a ‘Register Your Interest form’ on their early careers websites allowed them to capture the data of students who were interested, enrolling them on a tailored and automated email nurture campaign.


A transport infrastructure client found that 38% of individuals that registered their interest in a graduate role went on to apply.

A transport client found that 21% of hires had interacted with them via their register your interest online form.

An IT company found that 49% of individuals that interacted through their online register your interest form went on to apply.

Register Your Interest forms can easily be created via RMP Connect 


Attracting STEM Students

Problemtransport company

A transport client had not received enough pre-registrations for their female STEM event they were running at their head office. 

Our Solution

An email was sent to 1,200 female STEM students who were in their talent pool, inviting them all to attend the event.


The email saw an open rate of 48% and a click-through rate of 20%, with 35% signing up to attend the event (40 STEM females). The event was a success and exceeded expectations!

Nurturing a Talent Pool


A law firm wanted to be able to communicate to students what their company had to offer potential applicants over their competitors.

Our Solution

An awareness email campaign was introduced and created through RMP Connect. It consisted of a series of themed emails sent to their talent pool about their CSR initiatives, commercial awareness news, as well as hints and tips on the application process.


They had extremely high engagement across their emails with average open rates of 61%, reaching more than 7,500 students across the length of the campaign.

Create targeted email and SMS communications with RMP Connect 


Measuring ROI of Career Fairs


An investment bank was unable to track the success of their careers fairs, and were investing thousands of pounds and significant resource into this activity.

Our Solution

They captured the details of students they met across all of their careers fairs, as well as other events such as presentations, dinners, workshops and live chats throughout the duration of their attraction campaign.


Careers fairs turned out to be their lowest source of hires, whereas their live chats turned out to be the highest. The client took the decision to move away from careers fairs and re-invest their time and resource into producing more live chats.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Brand Ambassadors

Problembrand ambassador

A leading law firm was unable to measure the success of their Brand Ambassador campaign, which they ran across a number of universities.

Our Solution

RMP Connect data capture forms were utilised across all of their Brand Ambassador activities.


As it turned out, 51% of their early talent hires were from students that had attended events promoted by their Brand Ambassadors or were part of the data directly captured by Brand Ambassadors.

Measure your campaign's effectiveness with RMP Connect 

Do you wish to find out even more about RMP Connect? We offer free demos of the system, so you can see how it could work for your attraction campaigns.