Posted by Ollie ● 21 December 2020

We made it to Lapland for our Xmas party!

With a Lapland-themed Xmas party planned for 17th December, we embarked upon a challenge to keep everyone’s physical and mental health in a good place in the lead up to Xmas.

The six week virtual challenge involved individually walking, running or cycling the distance from our office in Brixton to Santa Claus Village in a place called Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland. Which, must be where Santa lives right?

That’s quite a long way isn’t it?!


1,740 miles according to Google Maps. Taking us (virtually) through six countries, starting with England, and heading east through The Netherlands and Germany, then north up through Denmark, Sweden and ending in Finland.

How did we get on?

With 30 people in the team engaged in the challenge, we tracked all activities through this Strava club and tallied progress at the end of each day.

Starting on 9th November, we had 39 days to travel the 1,740 miles to reach Santa Claus Village and start our Xmas party on 17th December… which worked out as 45 miles per day.

Could we do it?


But it was tight... With 250 miles to go over the final three days, a determined and rampant flourish in the final week saw us travel the final miles in time for the Xmas party to start at midday!

With Government restrictions the team were in and out of gyms, pounding local streets and traversing local parks. Rather than driving to school, kids were being walked to school… Partners were being dragged out daily and lunch time changed from sitting on the sofa watching Friends, to doing a quick 5k!

It was wonderful to see everyone get so behind the challenge, there were over 450 activities from 30 team members, showing how brilliantly it brought everyone working remotely, together as one team :)

Do look after yourself in lockdown 3.0 and fingers crossed 2021 is a better year for you all.

Co-founder of RMP Enterprise


  1. Sophie Baldry taking her nephew Roman for a walk!
  2. Co-founders Ali Lindsay & Ollie Sidwell eating carrot cake mid laps of Richmond Park
  3. Ruby Thompson had many a crisp morning walk along the River Avon in Bristol

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