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Covid-Proof Your Attraction Strategy: The Importance of "Register Your Interest" Forms

Over the past year, the RMP team has fallen in love with Register Your Interest (RYI) forms. And the love is pure. 

It’s like the 1997 film Titanic, but with a RYI form instead of Leo DiCaprio, and fewer icebergs.  

A RYI form is an online form that allows students to register their interest in an employer, their jobs or events BEFORE applications or a sign-up is open. From then on they will be kept in the loop and alerted of any roles, deadlines, news or events that are relevant to them. 

It is super simple… yet, SUPER effective. 

We were cheerleaders of the RYI form before COVID-19, back when corona was just a beer, but now it’s our number one recommendation for employers who want to build up their early talent pipelines ahead of the Autumn term. 

Chloe Challis, our resident Customer Success Manager and all-round champion is here to share 3 ways RYI forms can transform your COVID-affected attraction strategy...

#1 Online Talent Pool Building

Over 60,000 students were captured through RYI forms on RMP Connect last year. 

  • And that’s with NONE of logistical costs that come with a physical event
  • ZERO time out of the office for the team
  • and NO queues of students waiting patiently (and impatiently) in-line to use an iPad to enter their data

Over the past five months, a leading engineering company have added 1,500 students into their talent pool - 90% of them coming from online RYI forms. 

These forms can be shared anywhere online. Adding RYI forms to jobs boards, for example, has been particularly effective… In fact, one of our FMCG clients advertised their RYI job listings on - in 4 weeks, just under 2,000 students had registered their interest in their jobs. This meant they had a ready-made contact list for when applications opened. 

Due to the pandemic, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to capture data at face-to-face events for the remainder of the year. However, implementing a RYI form will ensure you can still build a pipeline of early talent, without meeting students in-person. 

Building this pipeline will set you up for success and self-sufficiency for future early talent recruitment.

One of the Big Four accounting firms set their RYI forms live in April 2020. Since then, 11,000 students have registered their interest for their graduate programmes, as well as their placement, internship and apprenticeship schemes. 


#2 Capturing the most engaged students

Students who register their interest are already bought-in to your brand and your offering. They’re fans. Otherwise, why would they have actively researched and sought you out to register their interest? 

Just like a person signs-up to be the first to hear when festival tickets go on sale (R.I.P. Glastonbury 2020), you sign up because you’ve got an active interest. You want to go. Yes, a 5-day festival featuring Taylor Swift and a 5-day insight scheme are not the same, but the point is, students who fill in RYI forms are engaged with you as an employer. 

Let’s return to our FMCG client and their pool of 2,000 students who registered interest… Once applications for their jobs opened, they sent an email to the 2,000 students. The results were astounding - 73% of them opened the email and 42% of those that opened the email clicked-through. Their email boasted an open-rate that was four times above the average, showing just how bought-in and engaged RYI students are. 

And Coronavirus has NOT changed this trend. Recently, one of our consulting clients sent a newsletter-style email to students that had registered their interest earlier this year. The open rate - 84%. That’s insane. 

The key point is, students who register interest are the keenest of beans. They are fan-boys and girls. They’ve actively found you and registered interest, most likely while they are researching you as an employer, rather than passively signing-up at a careers fair. And crucially, these students are likely to then go on to apply.


#3 Proof is in the applicant & hire reporting

Which leads us nicely on to reporting. RMP Connect has the functionality to report on where your applicants and hires have come from. And unsurprisingly, when we’ve run these reports, RYI is consistently one of the top sources of applicants and hires. 

  • A public sector organisation found that over the past three years 30% of their hires came from RYI forms.
  • A bank found that 28% of students that registered their interest over the summer went on to submit an application.
  • A law firm found that 25% of students that registered their interest over the summer went on to submit an application.

Are we surprised that RYI students are more likely to go on to apply? No. As we’ve already established, these students are the most engaged with you - they’ve already expressed interest. 

But in addition to that, these students sit in your talent pool in time to receive all the juicy communications you’ll be sending out. They receive all of your deadline reminders, invitations to events and application hints & tips.

They are party to your nurturing and attraction strategy from beginning to end, keeping you front of mind as a preferred employer and setting them up to submit high quality applications.


Top Tips & Summary

RYI forms are as essential to your attraction strategy as new loungewear purchases are to your new working from home situation. 

It ensures you continue to digitally build your talent pipeline and capture students who are most engaged with you as an employer. Once set up, you can also share RYI forms on a variety of platforms, including:

  • Careers websites
  • Social media 
  • Brand Ambassadors 
  • Emails
  • Job boards

For more information about setting up RYI forms using RMP Connect, contact your Account Manager or get in touch with us here

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