Posted by Amirah ● 30 June 2017

Six Student Insights to Help Your Future Activity On Campus

Who knows what students want better than students?

At On-Campus Promotions we are always looking for the next best thing out on campus and instead of wasting time, we went to the people who know exactly what that is.

If you're looking to engage with new fresh talent out on campus, check out what our student brand managers had to say... 

1st years prefer to talk to recent graduates over senior team members

Senior members of the team appear daunting to first years as they are unsure of their career choices and the opportunities open to them. On the other hand, our second year students preferred to interact with higher level members of the team as they felt the conversations are more insightful and they gain a better understanding of the company. So, when you’re planning your campus activity, think about who is best suited to take out onto campus with you.

Careers fairs ARE useful

Our Brand Managers told us that careers fairs are a great way to have interactions with multiple employers all in one space! Their recommendation: host a follow-up event, post-careers fair, to turn those initial conversations into significant relationships. When you’re planning your attraction strategy, make sure you integrate further touch points to make the most out of your presence on campus.

"Host a follow-up event, post-careers fair, to turn those initial conversations into significant relationships"

Keep your content fresh

Students want to keep learning about your organisation and what you have to offer them. This is why it is so important to keep the content of your campus activity fresh and valuable. Keeping your content relevant and engaging and understanding your audience is easily done through systems such as RMP Connect. Be sure to develop a communications and content strategy before you go out on campus to avoid boring your future talent.

Tailor your message

Generation Z are all about personalisation; they expect emails to address them and include details that they’ve shared with you. Once they’ve submitted their details, they want to receive weekly emails with a variety of information including opportunities, highlights and key industry insights. When you’re planning your content strategy, investigate how you can use personalisation to your advantage.

Use LinkedIn

RateMyPlacement revealed that 56% of students go to LinkedIn when seeking job opportunities, advice and information about a particular company. This was echoed in the focus groups, where students stated that after a careers fair, it was great to connect with HR teams and recruiters that they had just met to develop on their relationships and networks.

"LinkedIn is invaluable for networking and finding opportunities and making valuable contacts"

Create Communities

Having a peer-to-peer insight is invaluable for students. To reduce reneging rates, the focus groups suggested that you create communities amongst the new recruits to aid the on-boarding process. This will allow them to develop relationships before they’ve even started and ask questions in an informal and comfortable environment. In addition, some of the students suggested giving out the email addresses of recent graduates instead of a generic HR email address so they could have a more personal conversation in regards to any worries they may have.  

Having student input when it comes to creating your strategy is vital. From face to face interactions which allow your brand to be memorable to digital platforms that allow for personalised, inclusive and valuable communication; undergraduates want a dynamic and unforgettable interaction with your organisation which is going to leave them with an appetite for more.

If you want to delve deeper into the minds of  students and elevate your brand out on campus then get in touch with our team today to find out more.

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