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Our Top Tips to Ace your High Fliers Campaign

As we start to race towards High Fliers, Client Partner Chris Nops shares his top tips to ensure that your High Fliers campaign is a huge success.

Tip #1: Have Clearly Defined Objectives

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It's always important to have clearly defined objectives when you run any campaign, especially one as important as High Fliers. For a refresher on what High Fliers is, check out our previous blog post here.

Often employers try to balance being top of mind for students, so that they're voted for in the survey, versus some of their key recruitment objectives, for example, solely targeting females or students who study technical subjects.

The two objectives of 'mass brand awareness' and 'targeting' are conflicting, meaning that the overall aim of the campaign is diluted.

Tip #2: Keep Your Concepts Simple

It's important that any concepts conceived for High Fliers are kept as simple as possible so that your defined objectives can be met.

Concepts such as events or competitions are often over-thought and therefore overcomplicated. If you want a lot of students to get involved with your brand, then keeping the concept as simple as possible will be a huge benefit. Remember, Generation Z have short attention spans so you'll want to be remembered!

Tip #3: Choose both a Digital and On-Campus Approach

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It's important to have both a brand presence on campus but to also hit those who rarely venture onto university grounds. Therefore, both an offline and online approach is the key to success.

It's important to ensure that you keep these approaches linked; that the messaging is consistent and the link between them is clear to see. This stops you having to run two separate campaigns. This integration between offline and online will make your brand stand out amongst the crowd.

Tip #4: Brand Managers plus Email Promotions are the way Forward

We've learned that an integrated campaign is the way forwards.

The best way to reach students on campus is through peer-to-peer recommendations and Brand Managers. Brand Managers are a large resource that can reach a lot of people in a short amount of time, and they can help to run a great offline campaign.

Email is still the best way to reach students directly online. You could create an email to follow up those you met offline on campus, as well as to target those who have signed up in the past but you didn't get to see on campus this time around.

Tip #5: The Event isn't the End, Nor is it the Beginning

High Fliers doesn't have a set date which you should be constrained to.

Start the conversation before the event and continue the conversation afterwards. This will help you to build momentum as early as possible so students are already aware of your brand when they meet you on campus. You can then continue the conversation afterwards by capturing their data to convert them into future hires.

Tip #6: Create Positive Brand Perceptions

At the end of the day, you need students to vote for you. There's a chance you might be forgotten amongst other brands if you don't create a positive brand perception.

Remember, whatever your idea is it needs to be a positive, fun experience. If it's boring then students won't vote for you. Simple as!

Tip #7: Make Your Brand Sticky

To continue the theme from Tip #6, to make students remember you, you must make your brand ‘sticky.’

Being top of the students' minds during the survey period means they need to constantly see your brand. This notion works well with Tip#5, that you are not constrained to just the event date. Make your campaign lengthy, make it fun and make sure you appear both offline and online to student voters.

Tip #8: Know Your University Calendar

The perfect time to start your campaign is almost upon us!

We recommend that you run the campaign from mid-January to mid-February for maximum exposure. The High Fliers survey tends to run in the last week of January through to mid-February, but make sure you get your campaign started by mid-January to not miss any Universities that may start doing the survey early.

You're Now In The Know!

Congratulations, you've now learnt RMP Enterprise's top tips for a successful High Fliers campaign. Good luck!

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