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Are you a Top Undergraduate Employer 2020/21?

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Generation Z are heavily influenced by their peers. Their preferences, behaviours and even their career choices are swayed more by each other rather than older, high authority influencers. Peer to peer feedback has never been so important.  

This year, RateMyPlacement hit 60,000 reviews of undergraduates’ experiences on placements, internships and insights - it’s the ‘go to’ for students seeking information on the best undergraduate employers to work for.

National Undergraduate Employability Awards winner - medium company - 2019

"My proudest work achievement was Computacenter winning the Top Medium-sized Scheme at the 2019 NUE Awards. Our team work tirelessly to develop our undergraduate programmes and it's brilliant to be recognised on a national scale by the students themselves!" - Craig Cobb, UK Talent Acquisition & Future Talent Manager at Computacenter

So how can your organisation get involved? Read on to find out how you can encourage undergraduate reviews and become a Top Undergraduate Employer 2020-2021.

What is the Top Undergraduate Employers Table?

The Top Undergraduate Employers is divided into three separate tables, the Top 100, the Top 50 and the Top 10.

Each table groups employers by their size and how many undergraduates they employ. So even if your organisation is small and hires only a handful of undergraduates, you can still qualify as a Top Employer.

Let’s break it down… The Top 100 is for companies with over 250 employees that have 21 or more undergraduates in the business. The Top 50 is for organisations that have medium-sized schemes, employing between 3-20 undergraduates. The small-medium sized employers are grouped in the Top 10.

Each table is an exclusive ranking for employers in the undergraduate market who offer the best placements, internships, insights and vacation schemes. They are based on thousands of reviews written by students who have completed a scheme in the previous twelve months. The Top Undergraduate Employers are unique and provide valuable insight into what students really think of their scheme and their employer.

Why become a Top Undergraduate Employer?

The undergraduate market is becoming increasingly competitive. Employers are beginning to realise the value of hiring talent while they’re still at university because hiring graduates is so expensive!

As more and more employers enter the field, all are competing for the best talent; being recognised as a Top Undergraduate Employer can help your brand stand out and cut through the noise of your competitors. Let’s take a look at how it could affect your student attraction...

  • Attract the best talent.The reviews on RateMyPlacement help students make informed decisions about the different undergraduate opportunities available through trusted peer-to-peer feedback.
  • A sign of quality. With the undergraduate market being so competitive, it’s never been more important to showcase your schemes as high quality to potential applicants and their key influencers.
  • Free branding. Your logo will reach thousands of undergraduates throughout the year, with the opportunity to enhance your presence through a number of different services on RateMyPlacement and in our annual publication, the Top Undergraduate Employers Guide.
  • Benchmarking. The Top 100, Top 50 and Top 10 tables allow you to compare how your scheme performs against other employers in your industry, region and by programme type.

What does a Top Undergraduate Employer look like?

There are four weightings we use to build the Top Undergraduate Employers tables and decide where each company is placed.

  1. Review score - the higher the review score out of 10. The best schemes are rated highly by students, and we want to reward employers who have a great scheme for undergraduates.
  2. Number of reviews - the more reviews you can encourage, the more feedback available to you to help shape your scheme for future students.
  3. Percentage of students reviewing - the higher the percentage of students you encourage to review, the more reflective those reviews are of your total scheme.
  4. Number of schemes offered- there are 3 scheme types that the ideal undergraduate employer can offer; short-term insights or vacation schemes, summer internships and year-long placements.

Who is eligible to review?

You can encourage students from any of your undergraduate-specific schemes to review, whether you run winter and spring insights, summer placements and internships or year-long placements.

For your organisation to qualify as a Top Undergraduate Employer, you’ll need to encourage a minimum number of reviews. The minimum for the Top 100 table is 15; for the Top 50 it’s a minimum of 3 reviews; the Top 10 is nomination-based.

You’ll also be required to submit your Eligibility Statistics in order to confirm your organisation’s eligibility for the Top 100, Top 50 or Top 10 table. The statistics let us know how many undergraduates have been employed across the different schemes that you offer, and will be used to calculate your final ranking in the table.

The deadline for reviews is Friday 8th November - the tables are competitive so we always recommend starting review encouragement as early as possible.

How can you encourage students to review?

  • Incorporate reviews into exit interviews. Some employers will make reviews compulsory as part of exit interviews to gain insightful feedback from their students and help shape the scheme for future intakes.
  • Incentives - we offer a £5 Amazon voucher for all reviews that conform to our Ts and Cs, but feel free to add your own further incentives to encourage reviews.
  • ‘Review party’ pizza night! Make the reviews a fun experience to encourage more of your cohort to review.
  • Start encouraging now before it’s too late! The best time to reach out to your students is whilst they are still with you and the scheme is fresh in their minds. Once they finish their scheme it becomes a lot trickier to contact the students.
  • It’s so simple. You can actively encourage students by sending out our template email (see below) or students can just go online hereto write their review.


Review your placement/internship scheme now and grab yourself a £5 gift certificate!
Now that you have completed your time with us, please submit a review of your experiences on

Reviews take 5 minutes and provided you leave additional comments in line with our T&C's, you’ll receive a £5 gift certificate for

Your review provides students following in your footsteps with a unique insight into your time with our company, which will be hugely beneficial to potential applicants and us.

Your review also gives us the chance to qualify for the 'Top Undergraduate Employers Table', giving you the opportunity to say you've worked for one of the best undergraduate schemes in the UK - this will look great on your CV!

Click on the link below to get started:

If you have any questions or want to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with your account manager. If you haven’t got an account manager then drop us an email here.


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