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10 Reasons Why Employers Choose RateMyPlacement

Back in 2007, was but an idea in the minds of three bright-eyed undergraduates. 

They wanted to inspire their fellow students to find valuable work experience and help them take the first steps towards marvellous careers. 

Fast-forward to 2021, has three million annual visitors and over 2,500 employers have been reviewed or advertised their opportunities on the site. 

So, why do employers choose to work with us year after year? 

#1 We are the undergraduate specialists is the UK’s leading resource for students seeking work experience, with over three million annual visitors.

We were the first company to enter the undergraduate employment space, and now have twelve years worth of knowledge and experience of marketing to students.

#2 Access our database of 100,000 first and second year students

We are a niche jobs board and only market the website to first and second year undergraduates.

If you advertise on RateMyPlacement, you’ll receive applications specifically from this target demographic, protecting you from sifting through ineligible applications for your undergraduate roles.

#3 Reviews = free advertising

hiresThe reviews attract inquisitive, career-conscious Gen Z students who are looking for the right scheme and the right company to apply for. A survey by Glassdoor also revealed that 70% of candidates look to reviews before they make career decisions.

By encouraging your intakes to leave a review of their experiences, you will start to develop a presence, educating information-hungry students about your brand and opportunities.

2,500 companies have been reviewed on the website so far - if you have students working for your business, you can begin to engage with RateMyPlacement’s audience free of charge by encouraging them to review your undergraduate schemes.

#4 We deliver hires

When a company advertises a role on RateMyPlacement, the average cost per application is £10 and the average cost per hire £614.

We can support you on both volume and quality of applications to help you meet your objectives.

For example, we directed 20,000 students to EY’s careers pages, resulting in 4,600 applications. Warner Bros also made 43/43 of their hires for undergraduate roles through RateMyPlacement.

deliver hires

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#5 Presence on campus

We work with over 100 universities and have around 500 contacts in university careers and placement services.  

The relationships we’ve built up over the last twelve years have ensured we and all the organisations we work with have a strong brand presence on campus.

#6 Become a Top Employer

If your company receives fifteen or more reviews on RateMyPlacement, you’ll be eligible for the Top Undergraduate Employers Table.

The Table allows you to compare how your scheme performs against other employers in your industry. Becoming a Top Employer is a sign of quality and showcases how great your opportunities are to students and their influencers.

Inclusion also means your organisation will be featured in the Top Undergraduate Employers Guide. This printed guide is sent to over 100 universities and reaches thousands of students. It’s free branding!

#7 Climb on Google

We rank for 27,000 keywords on Google, with over 850 results in positions 1-3.

When students search online for work experience in any industry, opportunities listed on RateMyPlacement are the first results to appear on their screen.

#8 Reach Gen Z on social media

Social media is a useful tool for stalking old acquaintances and finding videos of mad cats - Generation Z are using it to search for jobs. RateMyPlacement’s social platforms are a gateway to a vast audience of career-conscious students who are looking for work experience.

We reached over 500,000 students on Facebook last year and 760,000 on Twitter. That’s a lot of eyes.

When we share our clients’ opportunities on our social media, they appear on the feeds of thousands of students across the UK.

reach gen z on social media

#9 Build your own talent pool of engaged students

Our shortlisting feature allows students to favourite your company or a particular job. Once a student has shortlisted, they will receive email reminders as the deadline approaches or if your company posts a new opportunity.

If students opt-in, they will also be added to your own database, enabling you to communicate with them and build a talent pool of engaged students. This feature has been designed for full compliance with GDPR.

#10 A long-term solution 

We help organisations build a long-term strategy to their student attraction and recruitment through our Early Talent Pipeline model. 

Employers capture students’ data on campus or through digital means to build a pipeline of engaged prospective candidates. They nurture the candidates to apply for their roles, while at all times tracking their engagement.

It enables them to make informed decisions about which attraction activities to invest in to recruit the best talent for the best ROI.

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