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10 Reasons Why Employers Choose RateMyApprenticeship

RateMyApprenticeship was built for young people and has become the go-to resource for students, parents and schools.

Our mission is to educate school and college leavers about their career options, and inspire them to pursue a spectacular career.

The site was formed back in 2013, on the back of The Richard Review, a report which highlighted the ‘lack of impartial advice’ for 14-18 year olds.

Fast-forward to 2019, RateMyApprenticeship attracts over 100,000 monthly visitors and over 450 employers have been reviewed or advertised their jobs on the site.

Here are 10 reasons why employers choose to work with us...

#1 We are early talent experts

RateMyApprenticeship is the go-to resource for school and college leavers exploring their career options, and the site now attracts over one million annual visitors.

The website is the sister of, which specialises in the undergraduate space. Our team has over twelve years worth of knowledge and experience in marketing to young people.

#2 Access our database of 70,000 school and college leavers

We are a niche jobs board and only market our opportunities to 14-18 year school and college leavers.

Employers that advertise with us have access to our database of over 70,000 school and college leavers, all of whom are considering taking the apprenticeship path.

The advantage of investing in a niche jobs board is specificity. You’ll only receive applications from your target audience, which means you won’t waste time and money sifting through low-quality applications from the wrong demographic.

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#3 Target young people by location, year group and gender

Our database of 56,000 school and college leavers is a diverse audience. It includes young people of various year groups in different regions across the UK.

We can target our advertising to focus on students in specific locations, year groups, and even by gender. Targeted advertising like this is key to finding candidates for hard-to-fill roles.

Location targeting is particularly important because young people tend to only search for apprenticeships in their local area.

#4 Reviews = free advertising

RateMyApprenticeship is built on peer-to-peer reviews, all of which are written by former and current apprentices. The reviews attract career-conscious young people who are looking for the right apprenticeship to apply for.

A recent survey by Glassdoor revealed that 70% of candidates look to reviews before they make career decisions.

By encouraging your intakes to leave a review of their experiences, you will start to develop a presence, educating information-hungry students about your brand and opportunities.

#5 We deliver applications

We can support your organisation with both volume and quality of applications to help you meet your objectives.

For example, a campaign advertising the BBC’s opportunities received over 22,000 views, with 2,000 students being directed to their careers pages. It was the biggest source of applications for their roles alongside their own website.

Are you hiring apprentices?

If your organisation is hiring apprentices this year, get in touch to discover how RateMyApprenticeships can improve the ROI of your early talent attraction and recruitment. 


#6 Tap into our schools network

We work with schools and colleges across the UK and have a network of over 500 careers advisers.

The relationships we’ve built up over the last seven years have ensured we, and all the organisations we work with, have a strong brand presence.

RateMyApprenticeship also has a mighty strong partnership with the Career Development Institute (CDI), the UK’s largest professional body in the career development sector. The CDI gives us access to over 4,000 careers professionals across the UK!

#7 Become a Top Employer

If your company receives ten or more reviews on our website, you’ll be eligible for RateMyApprenticeship’s Top 100 Employers 2020.

The Top 100 is great for benchmarking. If you’re included in the table it will allow you to compare how your scheme performs against your competitors.

Becoming a Top Employer is also a significant stamp of quality for your apprenticeship programmes, showcasing how brilliant your schemes are to students and their influencers.

Inclusion also means your organisation will be featured in A Guide to Careers Options for School and College Leavers. The Guide is delivered to every school and college in the UK, reaching millions of students. It’s free branding!


#8 Climb on Google

We rank for more than 22,000 keywords on Google, with over 350 results in positions 1-3.

When young people are looking for an apprenticeship in any sector, or jobs with a particular company, opportunities advertised on RateMyApprenticeship are among the first results to appear on their screen.

#9 Reach students on social media

Social media is a useful tool for stalking old buddies and finding videos of cats - but Generation Z are also using it to research careers and search for jobs. RateMyApprenticeship’s social platforms are a gateway to a vast audience of career-conscious young people.

We reached over 380,000 people on Facebook last year and 285,000 on Twitter. That’s a lot of eyes.

When we advertise our clients’ opportunities on our social media platforms, they appear on the feeds of thousands of 14-18 year olds across the UK.


#10 A long-term solution

We help businesses build a long-term strategy for their school leaver attraction and recruitment through our Early Talent Pipeline model.

Employers capture school and college leavers’ data at careers events (such as WhatCareerLive) or through digital means. The idea is to build a pipeline of engaged candidates. They nurture the candidates to apply for their school and college leaver roles, while tracking their engagement at all times.

This enables them to make informed decisions about which attraction activities to invest in, helping them to recruit the best talent for the best ROI.

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