Posted by Ruby ● 4 June 2019

Why We Support Centrepoint

In December 2017, instead of sending out the obligatory Christmas gift basket to our customers and suppliers, we decided to do things a bit differently.

We asked our usual gift recipients to choose a charity. The money that would usually be spent on gifts would be donated to the chosen charity. Our team picked a handful of charities across a variety of causes, sent out the list and counted the votes.

The charity that came out with the most votes was Centrepoint.

Centrepoint is a charity that provides homeless young people with accommodation, health support and life skills to get them back into education, training and employment. Their mission is to give homeless young people a future, and ultimately end youth homelessness.

Any charity would have been a deserving choice, but there was something about this that felt a bit ‘meant-to-be’. As a company whose mission is to inspire young people to take the first steps in their career, it was clear that we had some shared values.

Because of this, when it came to choosing a charity we wanted to partner with in the long-run, the decision couldn’t have been easier and we’re now in our second year of our partnership with Centrepoint.

Our Co-founder, Oliver Sidwell, comments

"Our mission is to inspire young people to take the first steps in their careers. We're used to having an idea in our minds of the types of young people that includes, typically ones fortunate enough to be at school or university. Through supporting Centrepoint we're extending our reach and helping the most vulnerable young people in our society- and that is something we should all be extremely proud of."

As Ollie accurately points out, the young people we help are usually lucky enough to be in education, have access to a computer, surrounded by a support network and thinking positively about their future.

Our partnership with Centrepoint, as well as our pledge to raise £10,000 per year, means that we can have a real impact on the lives of young homeless people. Young people that otherwise our business is unlikely to reach. The solution isn’t simple, and Centrepoint is doing such vital work in providing long-term support for young people who, through no fault of their own, end up without a place to live.  

And here is where we need your help!

On 22nd June, 17 people from our team are walking 20 miles (plasters at the ready) from Hampton Court to Windsor in order to raise money for this amazing charity. If you want to help us and Centrepoint in our combined mission, please click here to make a donation. Your support is much appreciated!

hampton court to windsor walk


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