"We have partnered with RMP for a few years now and they have been instrumental in ensuring our student campus attraction strategy is effective year on year. Their team of experts provide a tailored approach ensuring our ideas are considered and business objectives are met."

Charlotte Leer, Emerging Talent Manager at HSBC

RateMyPlacement Case Studies

Our solution RateMyPlacement.co.uk can support you on the quality and volume of applications to your undergraduate work schemes. The average cost per application on RateMyPlacement is £10 and the average cost per hire is £614.

"The quality of service from RateMyPlacement was fantastic! If I had any questions I'd get a response almost instantly. Our campaign went really well as we received a record-breaking amount of applicants."

"45% of our total candidates that applied to our roles through RateMyPlacement made it through to our video interview stage, showing the high quality of the applicants from this source."


On-Campus Promotions Case Studies

We have 10 years of expertise for promoting your brand on university campuses. In the past four years, we have successfully run 250 client campaigns. Last year, we hired over 700 Brand Ambassadors and 500+ events were facilitated and managed by our expert team.

For one of our Law clients, Brand Ambassadors supported 49% of hires by building a talent pool of students and ensuring the right students attended their campus events

22 Brand Ambassadors captured the data of over 700 engaged students for our Accountancy Firm client, 52% of which were female, reaching their goal of female diversity

RMP Connect Case Studies

RMP Connect is revolutionising the way that employers attract early talent into their organisations. Our innovative software lets employers create their own self-sufficient talent pipeline, using data and automation to streamline the entire attraction process. It also allows our clients to analyse where their hires came from, significantly improving their ROI.

One of our Technology clients found that of the 1,560 times that they had interacted with their applicants, 49% had interacted through their "Register Your Interest" online form, far outweighing the interactions with applicants through other means, such as Careers Fairs

4,106 students data were captured through an online form hosted on a competition microsite for one of our Energy Sector clients. Using RMP Connect, the client could track that 314 students went on to apply and 14 were hired into the business

RateMyApprenticeship Case Studies

Most school leavers are reaching into the employment space for the first time, discovering the growing range of options available. RateMyApprenticeship.co.uk informs school leavers about your brand and opportunities, encouraging them to research, learn, compare and decide their chosen next steps.

"In our 7 week campaign, we were able to grow our brand awareness as an apprentice employer, gaining 11,000 views on our website and filling all our roles through over 500 redirects to our application page."

"Over 2,000 young people redirected to our careers website to apply to our apprenticeship schemes across our 10 week campaign on RateMyApprenticeship. Fantastic!"

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