Digital Brand Ambassadors are peer-to-peer influencers for YOUR brand. 

They can tap into student-only networks that your business is shut out of or cannot reach, particularly during COVID-19.

88% of Gen Z students recommend employers use Brand Ambassadors

Source: RateMyPlacement Survey 2020


Ensure your virtual events, webinars and online presentations are well-attended by a diverse audience.

  • Digital Brand Ambassadors can promote your events, competitions and share your content on student-only channels on social media  
  • They can target a range of audiences including STEM, BAME or Female societies
  • Access to email lists that include university careers services, faculty heads and their coursemates

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Digital Brand Ambassadors can help you build a pipeline of engaged students during the pandemic. 

  • 23 Digital Brand Ambassadors captured the data of 1,080 top students for a law firm, 19 of which converted into hires
  • Below is a break down of data collected from digital Brand Ambassadors for different employers

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Amid all this uncertainty, Digital Brand Ambassadors can help connect your brand with students.

  • Digital Brand Ambassadors can help share your story of how your business is adapting, assuring students you’re still active, still hiring and haven’t forgotten them
  • They are digital marketers for your brand, seeding your content, jobs, sign ups for virtual events and competitions online
  • If you’re currently low on resource, they can create their own authentic and peer-to-peer content for you, and host their own virtual events

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Why choose to work with us?

  • Our team handle recruitment, manage payroll and can now organise virtual training
  • Our campaigns are objective-focused, and are flexible to help meet your objectives
  • Our team managed hundreds of Brand Ambassadors before COVID-19, and all ready and set-up to do the same during the pandemic
  • Our Brand Ambassadors deliver hires. We hired 27 brand ambassadors who delivered 49 hires for a client

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