We create and manage online competitions to reach your target audience

Careers fairs and campus installations were the traditional way of capturing students’ data and building a talent pipeline. COVID-19 has changed all that. 

Digital competitions and challenges are an alternative to face-to-face student attraction methods. And they’re made for capturing data and increasing brand awareness in a FUN and interactive way.

4,900 students on average visit our competition websites

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Reach students who wouldn’t normally interact with your brand

From cryptic quizzes to educational challenges, our team will work with you to create bespoke and branded competitions that will be promoted through our network of 4 million 14-24 year olds.

Every student who enters can be transferred into our communications platform, RMP Connect, so they can be nurtured about your brand and opportunities after the campaign.


These challenges and competitions are 100% trackable, meaning you can establish a clear ROI.


Our digital team can build and nurture custom audiences on social media and Google platforms based on the demographics you’re targeting, whether it be age, gender, location or interests

Promotion via Digital Brand Ambassadors is also a tried and tested way of ensuring your campaign hits key demographics. 

They can target specific societies such as ‘Females in STEM’ or cultural societies, and access groups of students that you wouldn’t normally have access to. 


Our USP? We have the in-house promotional capabilities to drive students to your competition website. 

When promoting your brand and your digital competition, we have access to three exclusive channels to ensure maximum reach…

  1. Digital Brand Ambassadors
  2. A database of over 170,000 active students
  3. Our partnerships with universities, schools and colleges and careers networks

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How can we help?

Our team of experts can develop a bespoke competition or challenge, and project-manage the campaign from beginning to end. 

This includes the involvement of our creative team and copywriters. They’ll work with you to put together a fully-branded microsite with razor sharp copy, social media and email assets. 

Then your competition will be promoted across our in-house channels by our digital marketing team to ensure the campaign reaches the audience you’re targeting. 

To find out more about Digital Competitions, including pricing, please get in touch by registering your interest using the button below.