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An immersive, 360° experience.

The best campus installations and flagship events of 2019 were eye-catching, high impact and designed to make a splash on campus.

COVID-19 has put a stop to flagship campus events like this. 

If you can’t go onto campus with your flagship campus events, you can still create an immersive experience for students. 

Our Flagship Virtual Events are an almost limitless opportunity to dazzle students, and let them step into a bespoke 360° virtual environment. Below are some of the key features that we can make sure your event includes.

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The ability to meet students in-person is lost right now. Meeting them face-to-face is NOT. 

Students want the personal touch of interacting face-to-face with someone from your business, and you can still do that virtually. 

This includes:

  • 1-2-1 interactions between business reps/recruiters and students via video 
  • Small-group interactions via video 
  • Option to schedule 1-1 interactions with reminders inside the portal 

Flagship 2-1

Content zones

Students can enter different zones and learn about your diversity or sustainability initiatives. 

Or, each zone could be dedicated to separate areas of your business and the different schemes you offer. It’s really up to you!

The content can include downloadable videos, PDF’s or pages from your website, that students can save and access later on.

Games and giveaways

Virtual events must be interactive and FUN. 

Students who attend will likely be sat at home on the sofa, watching from their laptops or tablets. It’s much easier for them to switch-off and disengage than it would be if they were there in-person. 

Games and giveaways are key to keeping your audience engaged. 

Features include:

  • Live leaderboards 
  • Instant wins and downloadable vouchers

One example includes a 3D coffee bar experience - students can choose a coffee and then download an instant voucher to redeem. 

Flagship 1-1

Promote your event through our networks

We have the promotional capabilities in-house to drive students to your virtual event. 

Our team has access to three exclusive channels to ensure your event reaches your target audience…

  • Digital Brand Ambassadors
  • A database of over 170,000 active students
  • Our partnerships with universities, schools and colleges and careers networks

Flagship Virtual Events are an immersive, 360° alternative to flagship campus events. Zoom calls just won’t cut it. Think bigger. Think better. 

NOTE: We have limited spaces available, so register your interest NOW and we’ll be in touch ASAP.