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Industry Virtual Events-1

5 virtual events. 5 industries. 5 dates.

RateMyPlacement.co.uk will be hosting virtual events for five industries, reaching up to 2,000 undergraduate students per event. 

Each is an exclusive 2-day event, bringing together multiple employers and students for workshops, presentations, networking and competitions. 

You can’t go onto campus at the moment, and meeting students in-person is not an option. But interacting and attracting early talent IS. 

These industry events are an exclusive opportunity to engage with students, expand your talent pool and increase high-quality applications to your roles. 

The virtual events will take place on the following dates:

  • Legal: 30th September & 1st October
  • Accountancy: 7th & 8th October
  • Banking & Finance: 21st & 22nd October
  • Business: 4th & 5th November
  • Innovation & Technology (STEM): 11th & 12th November


How can YOU get involved?

Employer Booths

These booths will be fully-branded and accessible to up to 2,000 students live across the two-day event. 

Students can arrange 1-2-1 virtual video meetings with your careers team, watch presentations and access downloadable content.

Post-event, your team can download a report on every student they engaged with over the two days. 


Deliver Presentations & Workshops

Employers will have a designated presentation or workshop slot to deliver a session to students at the event.

The presentations can be pre-recorded, but students will have the opportunity to engage with you live via polls and Q&A sessions. 

The live engagement gives you the ability to communicate with your target audience in the same way you would if you were there in-person, on their campus. 


Offer Real Value to Students

In the lead up to and during the events, students can enter competitions and challenges. 

Apart from adding an element of fun to proceedings, it’s an opportunity for employers to offer something of real value to students.

Employers will be able to submit prizes such as exclusive invitations to future events, mentoring and extra support for students when applying for jobs.

There are limited places available on a first come first served basis, so get in touch with us to book your spot now!