Hi. I'm Ollie. Nice to meet you.

Oliver Sidwell

Co-Founder / Director

One of the Founders, Ollie heads up the client side of the business. Managing the Commercial team and overseeing the marketing with Liz, Ollie also launched RateMyApprenticeship. Outside of work, you’ll mostly find him at a zoo, watching cricket or on holiday watching cricket.

FACT: Ollie has set foot on all seven continents and had his chest shaven by Kelly Brook.

Hi. I'm Ali. Nice to meet you.

Ali Lindsay

Co-Founder / Director

Ali has been part of the RMP team since its inception at Loughborough University. He heads up the On-Campus Promotions and Digital teams. Nothing makes him happier than if a campaign has gone well and a client is happy. Outside of work Ali can just about claim to be a regular rugby player, but is more regularly seen running & cycling with his lycra-clad mates. He's also just had a delivery of a little bundle of joy, so is less regularly found after a good nights sleep.

FACT: Ali has been thrown in a pool by Muhammad Ali

Hi. I'm Abbie. Nice to meet you.

Abbie Morris

Commercial Director

Abbie heads up the Commercial team and has an extensive knowledge of the early talent market. She works closely with the team to make sure we're planning and delivering campaigns that help employers to recruit the right students for their business. When Abbie isn’t working you’ll find her in one of her many local pubs in Twickenham with a pint of Guinness in hand.

FACT: Abbie is the rumoured descendant of a Norwegian King

Hi. I'm Bruno. Nice to meet you.

Bruno Seixas

Lead Developer

"Found the passion for computers when he joined the IT club in elementary school. Started as a back-end developer and along many coding quests found a passion for front-end as well. Coding with music classic is his jam. Recently become a father and is loving it. Enjoys football and playing video games such as Pokemon TCGO and FIFA ultimate team. Nurture his zend in the gym, suspension training is his thing!"

FACT: Bruno bakes a great chourizo bread!

Hi. I'm Charley. Nice to meet you.

Charley Edwards

Account Director

Charley joined RMP in August 2015 and works across events & digital campaigns for RMP's largest clients. Charley's main responsibilities include project management, client interaction, commercial awareness and event management. Outside of work you can find Charley socialising with friends & planning her next adventure.

FACT: Charley has camped under the tallest waterfall in Costa Rica

Hi. I'm Chloe. Nice to meet you.

Chloe Challis

Senior Customer Success Manager

Chloe is one of our Customer Success Managers. As part of her role, she manages client campaigns across RateMyPlacement, RateMyApprenticeship and RMP Connect. She's the go to gal for all things reviews and shortlisting. Outside of work, Chloe enjoys the occasional spin class and trips to the pub.

FACT: Chloe has never been skiing but is a fully trained chalet host.

Hi. I'm Chris. Nice to meet you.

Chris Nops

Client Partner

Chris is one of RMP’s longest serving members, playing a key role in the Commercial team and working closely with both clients and agencies. His main responsibilities are to ensure his clients are using the most effective services RMP has to offer. When he isn’t working, Chris is often found at Old Trafford supporting his beloved Manchester United FC.

FACT: Chris has met two of his biggest icons - Christiano Ronaldo and Daniel Radcliffe.

Hi. I'm Conor. Nice to meet you.

Conor Reilly

Senior Content Writer

Conor is the beloved Content Writer over here at RMP Enterprise. Since joining in July 2016, Conor has been the pen behind the charming (and occasionally gripping) online and offline content. Conor is a purveyor of fine ales and vinyl records, and when he’s not at work, you’ll find him thinking about sandwiches or talking to his cat.

FACT: Conor once served Ray Winstone in a pub. Ray ordered a double Grey Goose and lemonade. And crisps. (The plain ones.)

Hi. I'm Daniela. Nice to meet you.

Daniela Horbaniuc

Software Developer

Daniela is a full-stack Software Developer working mostly on the back-end, but it is comfortable with the front-end too. In her spare time, Daniela’s big loves are her son, history and hiking.

Hi. I'm Daniela. Nice to meet you.

Daniela Whitehouse

Digital Marketing Manager

As Digital Marketing Manager, Daniela looks after key digital channels to help drive traffic to both RateMyPlacement and RateMyApprenticeship. From SEO to PPC to Social Media, no channels are left unturned! In her spare time, Daniela enjoys whipping up tasty feasts in the kitchen, watching trash TV and doting over cats.

FACT: Daniela is one of 35 great grandchildren!

Hi. I'm Darren. Nice to meet you.

Darren Cox

Head of Digital Operations

Darren was a placement student with RMP back in 2013 who has come back since graduating. Heading up the support team, Darren helps ensure that our clients get the best experience possible when using our digital products, solving any issues that may occur. Outside of work you can find Darren gambling away at horse racing events or, on the off chance he wins some money, down the pub spending his winnings on beer.

FACT: Darren has a meme for every occasion

Hi. I'm Dominic. Nice to meet you.

Dominic Lear

Engineering Director

As Engineering Director, Dom looks after after the development of RateMyPlacement, RateMyApprenticeship & RMP Connect. From Product Management to QA to release, Dom is involved in all aspects of improving our products! In his spare time, Dom is a master chef with a specialism in beef wellington.

FACT: The furthest north Dom has even been is Liverpool

Hi. I'm Dominic. Nice to meet you.

Dominic Sabatini

Lead Developer

Started life creating art and slowly moved into backend development as a freelancer when clients requirements became more complicated. A keen snowboarder, aspiring martial artist who regularly enjoys the challenge of getting to work after picking up an inevitable injury. Lover of all things strange and mystical and is often found in a pool of confusion trying to reconcile quantum physics with God.

Hi. I'm Ellie. Nice to meet you.

Ellie Ashford-Hodges

Account Director

Ellie supports the On-Campus Promotions delivery team and works on marketing campaigns. This involves the recruitment and management of Brand Ambassadors at universities around the UK and Ireland. She also gets involved in product strategy and recruitment attraction projects. Outside of work, Ellie enjoys live music, planning her next holiday and ticking off every London BYOB.

FACT: Ellie lived in Mauritius and had a pet tortoise

Hi I'm Elisha

Elisha Revell

Grad Intern

Originally from Lancashire and having moved to London to study English Literature, Elisha has joined the Marketing team as a Grad Intern, where you'll see her out on campus signing up students to RateMyPlacement. In her spare time Elisha likes to be creative with Photoshop and recently wrote a script for a short film.

FACT: You can see Elisha in the crowd at Live Aid in the Bohemian Rhapsody film!

Hi. I'm Elizabeth. Nice to meet you.

Elizabeth Brock

Marketing Director

Liz is practically part of the furniture. As the longest serving member after the Directors, she heads up the marketing across all the products in the portfolio. In her spare time, you’ll usually find her frequenting the bars of London, sipping on cocktails or rocking it up at Glastonbury!

FACT: Lizzie has sat next to Sir Trevor McDonald at a dinner party

Hi. I'm Emma. Nice to meet you.

Emma Miles

Client Partner

Emma is a key member of RMP’s commercial team, partnering with employers on their attraction and engagement strategies across all early talent. Emma specialises in digital and campus campaigns, advising clients on the best ways to drive future talent. Outside of the office, you will catch her singing for House Gospel Choir and continuing her quest to trial London's best markets.

FACT: Emma sung Christmas songs with Gregory Porter & Beverly Knight on the BBC

Hi. I'm Eve. Nice to meet you.

Eve Gedvilaite

Creative Executive

In July 2018, Eve swapped suburban life for the buzz of the capital, joining RMP as our Head of Creative’s right-hand woman. Looking after everything creative across the business, she is on a mission to make all things RMP fun, unique and accessible to students. Outside of work, Eve enjoys the very occasional gym session and binge-watching anything and everything on Netflix.

FACT: Eve once got pranked by Balls of Steel

Hi. I'm Fatawu. Nice to meet you.

Fatawu Issah

Front-end Developer

Fatawu specialises in user interface and front-end development. He started life in a cubical training for years to be a Super Saiyan, He eventually gave that up and worked for a small digital agency and a big retail company working on all things visual and creative. He loves clean minimal websites with good ux. Also loves pies and sports.

Hi. I'm Frankie. Nice to meet you.

Frankie Toohey-Barnes

Account Manager

Francesca is an Account Manager in the On-Campus Promotions team. Her role involves leading the delivery of event-based campaigns. Outside of work, you will find Francesca exploring North London pubs, a large G&T in hand with Alf the dog by her side.

FACT: Francesca played for Spurs U16 for 2 games #semipro

Hi. I'm Freya. Nice to meet you.

Freya Price-Reynolds

Senior Account Manager

As an account manager, Freya works specifically within the On Campus Promotions team across different client campaigns recruiting, training and managing Brand Ambassadors. When not in the office you can find Freya attempting to drag her friends to vegan restaurants (against their will), stretching it out in a hot yoga class, or trying to convince people she is part Swedish.

FACT: Freya is a distant descendant of King Henry 8th

Hi. I'm Ian. Nice to meet you.

Ian Nisbet

Lead Developer

Programming since the early 1990s, developing websites using ASP, Perl, PHP, Javascript and "Whatever" since 1998. Ian prefers the back-end, but it comfortable with the front-end too. He believes that web applications should be functional, uncluttered with unused features, and a pleasure to use.

FACT: Ian has three children: one daughter and two sons; one of whom is a RateMyPlacement user.

Hi, I'm Iva

Iva Stancheva

Business Development Manager

Iva joined RMP in June 2019 as a Business Development Manager. Her main focus is advising employers on how to engage and attract the best talent for their Early Career programmes through digital campaigns and targeting strategies. Outside of work you will find Iva wondering around London, hiking, traveling and discovering new cuisines.

Hi. I'm Jennifer. Nice to meet you.

Jennifer Keenan

Account Manager

Jen moved down from Manchester to join the On-Campus Promotions Team in March 2018 as one of their Account Managers. Her role covers running various client campaigns. When she’s not in the office, you’ll either find Jen with a Prosecco or trying to persuade people she doesn’t sound “that Northern”.

FACT: Jennifer shares a birthday with Jeremy Irons, the voice of Scar from The Lion King

Hi. I'm Joe. Nice to meet you.

Joe Appiah

Front-End Developer

Joe is a Front End Developer at RMP. His main focus is on user interface development and optimisation of RateMyPlacement, RateMyApprenticeship and RMP Connect. Vue js is Joe’s preferred front end framework but he does not discriminate.

FACT: Joe has a special love for Japanese food and will never turn down a Ramen.

Hi. I'm Jordan. Nice to meet you.

Jordan Dodds

Business Development Manager

Jordan sits on the Commercial team, advising employers across all industries on their early-talent recruitment strategy, focusing on apprenticeships. Jordan is also a member of the "Culture Club", championing the RMP Values and ensuring our office culture is the best it can be. Outside of work, you'll find Jordan hacking about a golf course or frequenting some of Balham's finest pubs.

FACT: Has hit a golf ball into Simply Red's garden.

Hi. I'm Josephine. Nice to meet you.

Josephine Wigan

Account Manager

Jo joined RMP in September 2017 as an Account Manager for the On-Campus Promotions team. Her main responsibilities include organising and managing on campus event campaigns. Originally from Australia, Jo loves spending her free time going out and exploring London and surrounds or staying in with a good book, movie or game.

FACT: Jo lived in Japan for a year and can speak, read and write a little Japanese


Juwon Komolafe

Grad Intern

Juwon joined RMP as a Grad Intern in August 2019 to help the marketing team advertise RateMyPlacement on campus. In his spare time, Juwon likes to act, and has performed at the O2 Arena, Wembley SSE arena, Barbican and at G live Surrey.

FACT: Juwon use to expertly play the clarinet

Hi I'm Karen

Karen Cuenca

Grad Intern

A young Ecuadorian gal currently studying MSc Fashion Management at the University of the Arts and a newly joined member of the Marketing team, as a Grad Intern Karen supports them by attending University Careers and Fresher Fairs and representing RateMyPlacement.

FACT: Karen taught herself how to dance bachata when she was 8 years old

Hi. I'm Kitty. Nice to meet you.

Kitty Lantos

Account Manager

Kitty joined as an Account Manager in October 2017 in the On-Campus Promotions area of the business looking after both short-term and long-term Brand Ambassador campaigns at Universities across the UK. Outside of the office you will find Kitty racking her brain at a pub quiz, exploring Europe's many different cities or playing match maker for her nearest and dearest!

FACT: Kitty can do a backflip

Lalina Patel

Lalina Patel

Grad Intern

Lalina joined the On-Campus Promotions in August 2019 as a Grad Intern to assist with events on campus, recruit and manage Brand Ambassadors and liaise with clients and suppliers. When she’s not on the phone interviewing Brand Ambassadors, you can usually find her searching for new music recommendations or checking out London's museums.

FACT: Lalina’s go-to karaoke song is the 1994 hit “Kiss From a Rose” by Seal.

Hi, I'm Laura

Laura Wood

Account Manager

Laura swapped managing restaurants for campaigns and joined the On-Campus Promotions team in August 2018. Helping to manage client campaigns by recruiting, training and motivating Brand Ambassadors. Once the day is done you’ll find Laura browsing tasty dines, London and a decent book, film or series.

Fact: Laura lived in Abu Dhabi for 3 years and can read a little Arabic.

Hi. I'm Louise. Nice to meet you.

Louise Dubuisson

Content Executive

As a Content Writer in the marketing team, Louise is on a mission to ensure RMP’s websites are bursting with content that inspires both students and employers. When she isn’t working, you’ll find Louise frolicking at festivals or indulging in reality TV.

FACT: Louise once sold Gary Lineker a pair of Jimmy Choo heels

Hi. I'm Marc. Nice to meet you.

Marc Butler

Business Development Manager

Marc is a Business Development Manager at RMP Enterprise, advising employers on how to attract the top talent into their early careers through all RMP products and services. He is a longtime skateboarder and loves to indulge in good or bad food.

FACT: Marc is allergic to cherries, but loves them.

Hi. I'm Matthew. Nice to meet you.

Matthew Meegan

Finance and Operations Director

Matt joined RMP in June 2015 as our Financial Controller and now looks after everything Finance related. He relocated from Leeds in March 2014 and still has a very northern accent. In his spare time, Matt likes going to the gym, playing squash and spending a small amount of time exploring London's nightlife.

FACT: Matt has a twin brother

Hi. I'm Max. Nice to meet you.

Max Choudhury

Business Development Executive

Max is part of the Commercial Team at RMP, working with employers on their early careers attraction and engagement strategies. His focus is on helping clients build early talent pipelines using digital, campus and print campaigns. When he's not in the office, you'll find him at the gym, eating soul food goodness and trying to do his best rendition of the 'Carlton dance'.

Moyo Ajayi

Moyo Ajayi

Grad Intern

Moyo joined RMP in August 2019 as one of our new Grad Interns. Her main responsibility is to support the On-Campus team on delivering successful brand ambassador campaigns. Outside work, Moyo enjoys going to the gym, travelling and watching anime.

FACT: Moyo lived and worked in Luxembourg for 8 months!

Hi. I'm Panos. Nice to meet you.

Panos Lykos

Software Developer

Originally an Electronic Engineer, his love for the Internet turned him into a Web Developer. Panos is currently focusing on back-end development. In his free time, he is an aspiring penetration tester, a gamer and an avid meme enthuasiast. Panos also runs solo cyber yoga sessions, during which he alligns his chakras by solving bugs.

FACT: Panos is an ordained Dudeist priest and can perform ceremonies in most US states

Hi. I'm Rory. Nice to meet you.

Rory Brown

Business Development Manager

Rory advises employers of all sizes on the best way to attract early talent. Rory utilises all of RMP's products and uses his 3 years experience within agency and graduate recruitment to support on and implement effective campaigns. Outside of work you'll find Rory failing to become the next 'Tiger Tim' Henman, or doing some serious brunching around London.

FACT: Rory ran 3 marathons in 3 consecutive days for Cancer Research UK

Hi. I'm Rob. Nice to meet you.

Rob Galpin

Head of Creative

Rob joined the Creative team in August 2015 to help meet the ever-growing demand for creative material and ideas. Rob loves to gobble hobnobs while tending to the garden fending off his dog. He can often be seen skateboarding along the Victoria Embankment on the way to work, don’t worry its not the roar of thunder its rob surfing London’s concrete wave. Shaka Brah!

FACT: Rob once landed a triple backflip on a trampoline

Hi. I'm Ruby. Nice to meet you.

Ruby Thompson

Talent Manager

As Talent Manager, Ruby is responsible for sourcing all new people who join RMP, as well as nurturing the existing team.

FACT: Ruby once partied with Deborah Meaden at a Michael Bublé concert.

Hi. I'm Sarah. Nice to meet you.

Sarah Killian

Customer Success Manager

Sarah joined the Digital team in November 2017 in a Digital Operations role but has recently moved into the Customer Success side of the team - working across RateMyPlacement, RMA and RMP Connect. Sarah loves dancing, running and cats!

FACT: Sarah lived in the Australian Outback.

Hi. I'm Sean-Stanley. Nice to meet you.

Sean-Stanley Mbaeri

Customer Success Executive

Sean-Stanley joined the Digital team as an Account Executive in July 2018. His role involves managing the delivery of campaigns on RateMyPlacement and RateMyApprenticeship. Outside of work you will mostly find Sean attending Arsenal football matches or stalking sports pages for anything sport related.

FACT: Sean once had a beautiful singing voice when he was a kid… Then his voice broke!


Shoaib Ahmed

Marketing Assistant

Shoaib joined the marketing department at RMP in August 2019, as a placement student. When not supporting the marketing team, you can find Shoaib on his ongoing search for the most scrumptious dessert places in town!

Fact: Shoaib won both the 'Best Dressed Sixth Former' and 'Best Dressed Fresher' award.

Sophie B

Sophie Baldry

Senior Marketing Executive

Sophie has now moved to the Marketing Team after working 3 years within the OCP team. Her main focus will be reaching out to as many universities and schools as possible, educating them on RateMyPlacement & RateMyApprenticeship. In her spare time she can be found on Auntie duties up in Nottingham, or propping up a cocktail bar in Central London.

FACT: Sophie has had a song released on Itunes

Hi. I'm Sophie. Nice to meet you.

Sophie Nathan

Head of Customer Success

Sophie works in the Digital team, having joined RMP back in July 2014. Her role involves managing client campaigns and project managing the Top Employers Guides. She loves learning languages and has learnt to speak 5 (in theory) although her accents leave a lot to be desired…In her spare time she enjoys going to gigs and festivals and jetting off to faraway destinations.

FACT: Sophie was a tap dancer for 11 years

Steve Rich

Steve Rich

Customer Success Manager

Steve joined RMP in May 2019 as a Customer Success Manager. His day to day jobs include managing client campaigns across RateMyPlacement, RateMyApprenticeship and RMP Connect. Outside of work you will find Steve pedalling very slowly on his bike or with a beer in his hand and not realising how the two could ever be linked.

Fact: Steve was once within touching distance of the big red button on a nuclear submarine.

Hi. I'm Zoe. Nice to meet you.

Zoe Clegg

Digital Operations

Zoe is a member of the Digital team, focusing on the delivery of digital campaigns across multiple RMP products. She supports the day-to-day operations of RateMyPlacement and RateMyApprenticeship; produces reports and analytical insights for client campaigns and digital services; and handles both internal marketing and client email communications. Outside of work, you'll find Zoe walking around the leafy suburbs of London, buying more books than she'll ever read and watching endless horror films.

FACT: Zoe has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'.