Since 2007, we’ve partnered with forward-thinking employers looking to attract the best early talent. Whether through apprenticeships, internships or any form of work experience, we’re the experts in early talent attraction having been through the process ourselves and having mixed experiences.

What gets us out of bed every morning is the belief that providing young people with the platforms to educate and inspire them about their future career options is making a difference. Our peer-to-peer approach inspires young people and enables employers the opportunity to reach out to our audience of 14-24 year olds through digital and face-to-face solutions.

ETPOur Vision for 2020

Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen a shift in how young people want to engage with employers. Our audience has changed; a new generation (z) has entered the market and competition among employers to attract the best early talent is fierce. With this in mind, we believe that young people who have been educated, inspired and nurtured through an employer’s Early Talent Pipeline are more likely to make informed career decisions. Our vision is to empower employers to build their own Early Talent Pipelines, enabling them to become self-sufficient in the quest to attract the best early talent for their organisations.


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