With over 10 years experience, we’re passionate about helping employers attract and engage the best early talent to their business. Being at the forefront of the market means that we've learnt a lot about what makes young people tick, as well as the best ways in which we can help your attraction strategies for this market. Don't worry, we're not going to keep these secrets all to ourselves!

Click below to download and read through our guides, whitepapers and the latest research and insights on undergraduates, school & college leavers, and how you can create your very own early talent pipeline.

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Solving the ATS Problem

Most ATS’ are designed for processing applications that have already been submitted, and NOT to nurture and convert talent to apply in the first place. So how do we solve the ATS problem?



Converting Interested Students into Hires & Measuring Your Attraction Strategies

Download our whitepaper to revolutionise your student attraction strategy.


10 reasons why employers choose ratemyplacement

10 Reasons why Employers Choose RateMyPlacement

In the 2018/19 academic year, RateMyPlacement.co.uk had three million annual visitors, with hundreds of employers advertising their roles. Here's why employers work with us every year.


attracting school leavers

6 Secrets to Attracting the Best School & College Leaver Talent

Our research indicates that 98% of school leavers would recommend their apprenticeship to a friend. With this in mind, what's the secret to hiring the best talent?

7 building blocks

7 Building Blocks for Running Quality Apprenticeships

We've analysed RateMyApprenticeship's 26,000 apprentice reviews, providing the most comprehensive research ever done into the apprenticeship experience.


attracting undergraduates

7 Secrets to Attracting the Best Undergraduate Talent

With 54% of employers retaining their students as graduates, investing in undergraduate work experience schemes is a brilliant way to resource your business.


Brand Ambassadors

Why You Should Outsource Your Brand Ambassadors

Hiring Brand Ambassadors in-house brings with it real challenges. Download our guide to find out how an agency can make your Brand Ambassador campaign stress-free

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Understanding Student Attitudes to Diversity & Inclusion

We conducted research in Jan 2020 and received responses from over 1,600 students across 74 universities on D&I topics. This report outlines the key findings to help.



A Guide on How to
Hire Apprentices

Hiring locally is a cost-effective approach to recruiting apprentices. So, what are the most effective strategies for hiring local school & college leaver talent? Download our guide to find out


google for jobs

Maximising your Job Advert's Success on Google for Jobs

Google now incorporates job adverts on its search results pages. When you advertise on RateMyPlacement.co.uk and RateMyApprenticeship.co.uk, your jobs automatically appear on Google for Jobs.