Treat Candidates like Customers

RMP Connect’s innovative software is changing the way employers are building relationships with candidates long before the point of application.

By adopting a data-led approach to candidate attraction, employers can build their own Early Talent Pipelines, enabling them to nurture candidates and warm them up to their brand, company culture and opportunities. Once candidates are hired, employers can measure the effectiveness of their attraction strategy, reporting on which activities - from campus events to employer talks - resulted in hires, determining their ROI. This is revolutionising how employers are attracting talent both digitally and on-campus. This is the future of early talent attraction.

"Our team attends over 150 different events throughout the year and it’s very important for us to engage with our potential candidates. RMP Connect has helped us capture and build a huge database of students interested in our Early Careers roles. It also helps us to organise the events and manage the sign ups. Recently, we’ve had our most successful event where we had over 1,000 guests! We achieved it through sending engaging emails, reminders and text messages. We have a strong focus on diversity and inclusion - RMP Connect allows us to easily approach the right audience by sending these targeted emails." Anna Zaborska, Schemes Recruitment Consultant, TfL


RMP Connect Can...

  • Capture student data to create your own Early Talent Pipeline
  • Engage and nurture students through targeted communications
  • Power data-driven decisions on where to spend your time and resource
  • In essence, you can attract the best students for the best ROI

Watch our video below to see how it can help your attraction strategy:

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