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Meet students, virtually (and) be the ONLY employer in the room.

These events are a FUN and interactive alternative to employer presentations and workshops, cancelled due to COVID-19. 

We researched dozens of different platforms, and have chosen the best platform for engaging and networking with early talent. 

Our team is set up to help support the promotion, project management and delivery of your virtual events. 

Tailored virtual events

There’s NO licensing fee. (We’ve already paid for it.)

We’ve already invested in a platform and paid the licensing fee. That means you won’t have to.

Our team can also support you with training on the platform, with an RMP Event Manager to help you deliver the event on the day. 

It’s an interactive platform

Your virtual event can include…

  • Group discussions
  • Breakout sessions for workshops
  • Online polls and competitions
  • Pre-recorded or live sessions
  • Networking lounges for 1-2-1 conversations with students
  • Content hubs for showcasing presentation slides and downloadable content
  • A live chat to answer students’ questions in real time
  • Access to all assets after the event

Together, these features will ensure your virtual events are interactive, fun and impactful.

And that’s SO important, because it’s really easy for students to switch off or leave your virtual event when they’re at home, on their laptops, sat at the kitchen table. 

This way, they won’t. 

Tailored virtual events 2-1

Promote your event through our networks

Here’s our USP. We have the promotional capabilities in-house to drive students to your virtual event. 

Our team has access to three exclusive channels to ensure your event reaches your target audience…

  • Digital Brand Ambassadors
  • A database of over 170,000 active students
  • Our partnerships with universities, schools and colleges and careers networks

Students want more than just a Zoom call. Think bigger. Think better.

We have limited spaces available, so register your interest NOW and we'll be in touch.