4 Ways We’re Levelling the Playing Field for Black Heritage students

Posted by Ollie on 5 Oct 2022

All throughout October, RMP is celebrating Black History Month. We’ll be showcasing inspirational speakers and leaders in our industry, as well as running a company-wide reading club and hosting our very own Black Heritage virtual event for students across the UK.

Our team is passionate about inspiring students with their early career choices; working with employers to diversify their recruitment opportunities and making our industry inclusive for all.

Read on to discover some of the brilliant campaigns we’ve delivered to help level the playing field for Black Heritage students. 

Campaign 1: HM Treasury 

Back in 2021, HM Treasury came to us with a challenge: they wanted to increase the volume of applications from underrepresented groups to their Policy Advisory role. 

We hired 10 Brand Ambassadors to reach out to 10 universities across the country with the highest percentage of students from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic background enrolled, networking within their societies and creating a strong on-campus presence that would resonate with students. 

Not only did they post role opportunities to their own social media profiles, they also gained promotion in e-newsletters as well as on careers pages and targeted WhatsApp groups.

By distributing QR codes across campus in high footfall areas, the Brand Ambassadors were able to build a strong talent pool of students - 81% of which were from an ethnic minority group - who will continue to be informed of employment opportunities.

Campaign 2: GSK 

GSK launched a Brand Ambassador campaign with the intention of enhancing the diversity of their early careers intake. By creating a presence across 12 universities, we were able to engage with and drive students from a Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic background to apply for their schemes. 

Not only did the Brand Ambassadors nurture relationships with careers teams on campus, they also partnered with over 40 societies and hosted lecture shout outs and intimate virtual events.

Targeted social media posts and student WhatsApp and Facebook groups also played a huge role in opening conversations with students of Black Heritage. 

Ultimately, 8% of students who signed up to GSK's talent pool were Black Heritage.

Campaign 3: Vodafone 

Like many of our clients, Vodafone were eager to increase engagement with students from diverse backgrounds. 

Five Brand Ambassadors were hired across five universities with the mission to engage and connect with students.

By doing this, they would not only increase student engagement  with Vodafone roles, but build up a pipeline of first and second years who would ultimately go on to fill future placement and apprenticeship positions.

This was achieved through targeted promotion across social media channels, emails, Linkedin, 1-2-1 Zoom calls, and ‘Meet the Ambassador’ events across campus. 

As a result, 79% of data captured was from students of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic.

Campaign 4: CMS

We worked closely with International Law Firm, CMS, to widen participation in their placement and internship schemes. As part of their wider strategy, we were tasked with increasing webinar attendees with students from a Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic background. 

34 Brand Ambassadors across multiple UK universities promoted four dedicated webinars to targeted groups of students: building relationships with faculties, societies and departments.

Alongside social media promotion and email marketing, they hosted ‘meet the Brand Ambassador’ events and created posters to increase visibility on campus. 

Over 100 Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic students attended the webinars, learning about roles that they may have otherwise not deemed eligible.

Looking forward…

As well as working with employers to make their early recruitment talent more inclusive, we run our own Black Heritage virtual events which champion inspiring Black leaders who are paving the way for the next generation in business.

We are so passionate about inspiring students with their first steps in their career. If you are interested in attracting diverse talent into your organisation, we’d love to hear from you!