5 Reasons why Brand Ambassadors are a Must-Have

Posted by Emma on 3 May 2023

Brand Ambassadors are students that represent employer brands out on campus and online. A bit like an extension of your graduate recruitment team. 

They lean on their student, peer-to-peer networks to help deliver your brand messages and increase interest in your talent programmes. 

Although most people have heard of Brand Ambassadors, they often can’t tell you exactlywhat they do and how they enhance attraction campaigns. 

We want to change that! Here are 5 ways Brand Ambassadors can make a real IMPACT on your attraction strategy.

#1  Access all areas

Are you thinking about getting onto campuses at key times this year? Students have access to their campus ALL year round. 

As well as physically being able to promote your opportunities at your target universities, Brand Ambassadors also have access to careers advisors, society groups and faculty heads. 

They can use these untapped networks to showcase your employer brand and your roles to their peers.

In 2022-23, Brand Ambassadors’ networks and access led to around 10 million student impressions with employer brands. 


#2  Increasing Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

Our Brand Ambassadors are present at over 85 universities each year. Many of which are chosen for their diverse student community, helping employers to widen participation in their schemes. 

D&I targets across our campaigns have been achieved because our Brand Ambassadors connect and partner with societies which have a high population of underrepresented groups.

For one employer, their 35 Brand Ambassadors interacted with 35 universities and ran over 54 student-focused events centered around D&I and widening participation. 

As a result, 52% of their applications in 2022-23 were from students from a Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) background - surpassing all previous intakes by 20%.

Want to learn more or explore a Brand Ambassador campaign of your own? 



#3  Driving applications from targeted groups

Brand Ambassadors have amazing networks that they can utilise, especially if you are looking to target students from certain degrees. 

Having a Brand Ambassador promote your employer brand to, for example, Technology, Business or Languages students is one of the first steps towards becoming an employer of choice in these areas. 

For one of the law firms we work with, they wanted Brand Ambassadors to target law and non-law students, also with a focus on diversity & inclusion. 

Their campaign resulted in over 4,356 clicks to apply directly for their programmes - 70% of which were from a BAME background.


#4  Promoting events and increasing attendance

Undoubtedly, one of Brand Ambassadors' most-impactful activities is promoting employers’ events. 

They have direct access to networks to market the event and, when armed with the specific information and resources, can significantly boost the reach of promotional activities.  

Automatic reminder communications and on-the-day promotion also ensure that students who register actually attend.

Our Brand Ambassadors drove 6,014 attendees to employers events in the last year with one employer having 2,500 sign ups just from Brand Ambassador promotion.

Launch event 12-1

#5  Building a talent community

Brand Ambassadors are highly effective at capturing the data of their peers. 

They capture student information through in-person conversations with their peers on-campus or sharing an employers' opportunities on social media. 

Brand Ambassadors are given access to a Data Capture and Communications tool which allows them to build a talent community of students, all of whom are keen to hear from employers.

The open rates from emails where a student has opted-in to be a part of that employer’s talent community range from 50-70%. 

This really is an effective attraction activity because it allows employers to continue the conversation, invite students to events and encourage applications. 

Our Brand Ambassadors have generated over 10,850 new data captures over the last year. Including 1,268 for one brand alone.

These are just a handful of the brilliant activities Brand Ambassadors use to represent employers on campus. 

If you want to learn more or explore a Brand Ambassador campaign of your own, our team would love to share insights so do get in touch below!