5 Reasons Why I Love Working at RMP

Posted by Conor on 22 Oct 2018

2 min read

Chris Nops is one of RMP Enterprise’s longest serving employees and after eight years he is, in his own words, ‘somewhat part of the furniture’.

Chris joined as a Business Development Executive back in 2010, and now a Client Partner, he has played an important role in growing the company to where it is today. Chris has shared with us 5 reasons why he loves working at RMP...

#1 Autonomy

Having been here for eight years I have become somewhat part of the furniture.  After turning 30 this year, I am often reminded how I am one of the older members of RMP.

I can't claim to be a silver fox quite yet, but as the company has grown I have been given a great level of autonomy in my role.

I can meet clients and attend events when it best suits my calendar - my autonomy comes from not being confined to a rigid 9-5 structure.

#2 Our Approach and Values

What do I mean by RMP’s approach and values? It’s the manner in which we work in partnership with clients and agencies, our relationships with universities and schools, the authenticity of our brands and our internal values.

When I meet with my clients, it’s clear that RMP is one of the most respected brands in our industry. I believe this all stems from our co-founders. Ollie and Ali are genuine, down to earth, hard-working guys who are a pleasure to work with.


#3 The Clients

When I was 14 I was still telling our school careers advisor that when I grew up I wanted to play for Man United. I did have trials, but it was not to be. I certainly didn’t see myself working in the graduate recruitment industry - who does?

But little did I know how amazing an industry it would be to work in. Now don't get me wrong, I would still rather have gone down the same career path as David Beckham, however one thing I love about working for RMP is the amazing people I get to work with at some of the largest companies in the world.

So many of my clients are genuine and kind people who are passionate about our industry, which make them an absolute pleasure to work with.

#4 Growth and Ambition 

I joined RMP when there were only seven of us, and it has been such an exciting journey helping the company grow from a start-up to an SME.

We've outgrown four offices in that time, grown the team to 55, developed four amazing brands and ensured hundreds of thousands of students have secured jobs. I love how the company is always looking to improve and deliver the best possible service.

#5 Impact

Working with employers like investment banks, law firms and tech firms, we often have discussions about red tape and the time it can take for decisions to be made.

At RMP we don't have red tape. As I’m writing this, our co-founders are dressed as a tiger and what appears to be a lobster for Wear It Wild.

Everyone is encouraged to constantly innovate, and RMP have created an environment where we can all make an impact and create change.

* * *

It has been a wonderful eight years, and I'd like to thank all clients and everyone I've worked with at RMP for making it so.