Five Top Tips for Review Success

Posted by Melchi on 17 Apr 2023

Want to be crowned one of the Best Student Employers in the UK? Known for having the highest regarded student schemes AND attracting the best student talent?

Our tables are released every year and are made up of thousands of honest student reviews. To rank, you'll need at least 10 reviews from your current undergraduate cohort.

Read on to discover our 5 top tips for smashing your review encouragement this year.

#1 - Be Transparent

Make students aware you’ll be asking them to submit a review at the end of their scheme. You can include this as part of your onboarding process or in your welcome pack.

It’s important to build a trusting relationship with your students. By explaining what you need from them and why (at the end of the day, reviews enable you to improve your schemes), they’ll be more likely to complete one.

#2 - Have a Strategy

Creating a clear strategy for how you will encourage reviews from your placement or internship cohort is crucial. It will enable you to plan regular comms and communicate what you need from them.

Ask your students to inform you when they've submitted their reviews so that you can reach out and remind those that haven't yet reviewed to do so. You can also involve their line managers to ensure it’s continuously part of their dialogue, or make it part of your exit process.

#3 - Host a Review Workshop

Towards the end of their scheme, host a session for your students to come along and write their review. The session could include:

  • Sharing their experiences with each other

  • A complimentary team lunch

  • Time to write their review

#4 - Offer your own incentive

Why not offer an incentive to pique your students' interests?

You could:

  • Offer a voucher incentive

  • Run a prize draw

  • Add to the social budget

  • Hold back graduate offers

  • Offer more flexibility around working hours

“If you’ve enjoyed your programme, you’re more likely to review it” - Hebe Williams, Savills

#5 - Run a great scheme

Ultimately, it’s important to run a great scheme. As Hebe Williams from 23/24 Best Student Employer Savills says, “If you’ve enjoyed your programme, you’re more likely to review it”.

Support and value students during their scheme, equipping them with all the tools they need to thrive. You could introduce a mentoring initiative, which pairs up students with first-year graduate employees or those who were previously on their scheme.

And make sure to use the reviews to your advantage - feedback is a great way to spot areas to improve for future students. 

Every employer has a designated review expert from RMP’s Customer Success team to support your progress. We’ll regularly remind you when to begin your review encouragement and even provide template emails to help you maximise your responses.