Autumn Ready Checklist

Posted by Emma on 25 Aug 2021

And just like that, we are heading into a new campus season... if we can even call it that anymore?!

If 2020 told us anything, it's that when our industry needs to adapt, innovate and be reactive in order engage with students - we absolutely can.

With September around the corner, the time has come for us to finalise our last minute preparations and get ready for launching applications, engaging with great talent and hiring some amazing students. 

So… here are 3 things you may not have checked off yet but we have found super handy when planning an EPIC campaign.

* * *

1. Nailing your events strategy (and ensuring HIGH attendance)

Perhaps you are planning to get back on campus or sticking to fully virtual. Either way, events are a key way to engage with students. 

No-one likes a boring event and no-one likes a great event that too few people have been able to experience. With that in mind, here are a few things to think about...

Consider the range and type of events

Do you have events that reach both your key target audience but also showcase at events that are open to many universities and degree types? 

Virtual events and third-party events are a great way to diversify and increase your reach. 

Events that focus on Diversity and Inclusion have reached over 88 universities and supported students from underrepresented groups. 

If you would like to get involved in our events, the last few spaces are here.

Our D&I events reached 88 universities in the UK last year - supporting students from underrepresented groups across all regions. 

Content is key!

In our student survey, 48% of respondents rated Q&A sessions with employers their favourite part of the event.

How can you ensure your content is relevant and engaging?

Team Photo_RMP Enterprise 1

Factor in up to a third of event time for interactions and Q&A sessions. Also, think about how static your presentation might be - could you have different speakers discussing or any other types of media such as polls and video throughout?

Getting great attendance

It is SO important to ensure your event is promoted well, that signing up is easy and that you are sending at least two reminders pre-event.

Our Brand Ambassadors have always supported employers with promoting events and last year we introduced event listings on RateMyPlacement too.

If you want support in promoting your events - give us a shout here.

* * *

2. Build and communicate with a pipeline of talent 

It is so easy in the whirlwind of getting campaigns up and running to forget to direct students to somewhere where they can sign up and hear from you.

If you haven't started building a pipeline before going live, we would really recommend it.  Last year, Bank of England saw 30% of all hires come through their talent pipeline.

In 2020, 30% of hires made by Bank of England came through their talent pipeline. 

And if you have had students come to events or express an interest pre-launch, now is the time to get in touch.

Register your interest (RYI)

RYI is one of the easiest and most effective ways to build a pipeline and encourage early applications/direct students when roles are closed.

64% of 140,000 registrations of interest last year were from students that identify as Female. And this includes STEM roles, a sector in which Females are typically underrepresented.

Get 'Register Your Interest' live for your jobs here.

64% of the 140,000 jobs students registered interest in last year were from Female students. 

Keep in touch

It is SUPER important to keep applicants warm and in the loop.

September is a great time to nurture your pipeline; invite students to events, share reviews and inspirational case studies. 

Be proactive to make sure students apply for your roles from a position of knowledge and understanding of your brand, your organisation and what it is you're offering. 

Always on

So often, application windows are short and activity is concentrated only when applications are open.

But what about the students that may not have made the deadline or need a little more education before applying?

Having activity continue all year round means you will not miss out on great talent that missed your deadline. And it keeps your brand front of mind for the full academic year.

Is there more you could be doing throughout the Autumn term and beyond, such as skills sessions, wellbeing events or general brand awareness campaigns?

If you want to hear about some of our clients' successes in this area, and the real benefits of being 'always on,' we would be happy to discuss with you here.


* * *

3. Virtual open days and insight days  

Even though things are slowly getting back to normal, most offices are still not at full capacity and a few of you have regulations for bringing in external visitors. 

With this in mind, we spent last year working with employers to run their onboarding, insight and open days virtually. And to tell a secret, they were, well, 100% awesome! 

Although we do love meeting students face to face, we found some measurable benefits to keeping this part of the attraction season virtual...

Student engagement was super high

(97% attendance at our most recent employer event!)

Students could access the insight and open days  from wherever they were, universities from a wider-range of regions attended, and there was full attendance, games and networking.

Inspiring speakers

The virtual environment meant senior partners could give inspirational talks really easily and have more time for questions and interacting with students. 

Cost saving

For students, there were ZERO travel fees or worries about the time taken away from their studies to travel.

Virtual events also saved costs for you as an employer - both in terms of time, resources and money.

I wonder how much time we've all collectively spent on trains up and down the country, travelling to events. (Not to mention the expenses!)

* * *

There is still time to explore any of the areas we have covered, so feel free to reach out for any questions or insights. 

Have a brilliant attraction campaign and see you on campus (or a zoom link) soon.

Smash it, RMP x