How 'Register Your Interest' Could Change Recruitment Forever

Posted by Liz on 11 Mar 2020

Back in 2019 we launched a brand new feature on RateMyPlacement called ‘Register Your Interest’. Why I hear you ask? Well, there are two main reasons why this new feature was introduced:

  1. We realised that students were starting their job search for undergraduate opportunities earlier than ever before.

  2. We knew that employers in the early talent space wanted a way to attract and nurture those engaged students.

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What does this mean for you?

As an employer, we know how important it is to attract the best talent who are genuinely engaged with your company. That means getting students into your talent pipeline early is key to a successful recruitment campaign. 

Register Your Interest gives students the opportunity to register for roles before they even open, enabling you (the employer) to nurture these applicants, keeping them warm in the period before the roles become live.

And does it work?

You know what they say, the proof is in the pudding and so far it’s been quite the dessert! Since the 'Register Your Interest' feature was launched last year, it has been used 17,879 times by students registering for over 110 jobs.

Having trialed this with IBM last year, they collected thousands of students' interestover the summer and made them aware of their application opening timings…. and we emailed them as soon as they went live. 

Through using this strategy, IBM found 75% of their hires had registered their interest with them over the summer.

What does the future hold?

Given IBM's success, we expect more and more employers to revise their strategies and make better use of the summer months. This change won't be immediate, but in two to three years time this will be the new 'norm'.

If you'd like to find out more about 'Register Your Interest' and IBM's story, contact your account manager at RMP or drop us a line below.