Introducing RMP Enterprise's CEO, Ali Lindsay

Posted by Melchi on 28 Mar 2024

I’m delighted to announce that I have taken on the new role of CEO at RMP.

I’ve never been one for job titles if I’m honest, but this is a massive opportunity for me to support the team in driving our business forward - innovating, growing and evolving as we go.

RMP has taken us on an amazing journey from an idea that was sparked on our own placement years, to a company of 65+ in recent years helping hundreds of thousands of young people - but our roles have always been pretty informal… The way we split things amongst my fellow Co-founders Chris, Ollie and myself is that we have always taken on responsibilities that match our skill sets and gaps in the business. Ollie worked on our flagship products RateMyPlacement and RateMyApprenticeship and I covered On-Campus Promotions, whilst Chris went on a journey into the world of SaaS with our spin-off company Akkroo.

The three RMP Enterprise Founders wearing black suits and bow ties sitting in the back of a vehicle

And that always worked pretty well for us. But ‘pretty well’ isn’t how we do things at RMP, and we now plan to really up our game with a more unified approach which can take the business to the next level…

Since we turned down an offer for an acquisition of RMP as we loved the company and the industry, and instead had an amazing opportunity to do a Management Buy Out last year. The Board’s focuses have been focusing on shaping the business for the future with a brand new Vision, Mission, OKRs and, most importantly, a solid strategy (more on that to come!)

To make our vision a reality, I’ve got the ultimate dream team working alongside me: Oliver Sidwell as the face of RMP (and what a face), Chris Wickson is officially BACK as our chairperson, and of course, our all-star Board members Abbie Morris (Commercial Director) Liz Brock (Marketing Director), Matt Meegan (Finance Director) and Ruby Thompson (People Director).

I’ve been keen to say the role is RMP’s CEO, and success is supporting RMP and the team, so I also wanted to share my job spec with you all and how we created it. We asked the team what they wanted to see from their CEO, and then we put their responses through ChatGPT - and with a bit of tweaking, hey presto…

“The team is looking for a driven leader with a 5-year vision, someone who can identify areas for growth and drive innovation. The team values a CEO who is outward-facing, present on platforms like LinkedIn, and active in industry events. Trust in the team's talent is crucial, along with the ability to manage transitions and have foresight in anticipating market changes.

They also emphasise the importance of a clear overall vision, long-term decision-making, and setting high expectations for the leadership team. The CEO should get out of the day-to-day operations, trust the team, and utilise the leadership team for information. A focus on the long-term vision, alignment on success metrics… There's a call for a strategic direction for products, refining/redefining company culture, team-building initiatives, and driving the business forward.”

Sounds like a pretty good job description to me.

Lastly, as I’ve really only ever worked at RMP I haven’t had another CEO to learn from, so have you ever worked with an amazing CEO? I’d love to hear what made them so great.

Thank you so much.