ISE Report Reveals The Importance Of Internships

Posted by Conor on 16 Jul 2018

2 min read

The Institute of Student Employers (ISE) has released a new report highlighting the importance of internships to graduate recruitment. Over half of undergraduates that were hired as interns returned to their company as graduates.

The report reveals:

  • Employers hired 6% more interns in 2018

  • 94% of employers encourage interns to return as employees

  • 57% of interns offered jobs on graduate schemes

  • 87% of interns who are offered jobs accept

These statistics and the report as a whole demonstrates that employers are reaping the benefits of investing in quality undergraduate work experience schemes.


Not only are interns fantastic candidates for graduate schemes, they’re more likely to accept job offers. As Steven Isherwood, Chief Executive of the ISE explains,“Former interns make better hires … they stay longer and outperform their peers.”

RMP Enterprise has long been encouraging employers to expand their undergraduate schemes for this very reason. Organisations that invest in finding the best undergraduate talent retain that top talent.

The six per cent increase in intern hires suggests that more and more forward-thinking employers are beginning to adopt this approach.

ISE’s report concurs with our own research. The RateMyPlacement Review Report 2018 revealed that, last year, 54% of employers featured in the Best Undergraduate Employers consisted of former interns, placement and insight students.

Lizzie Brock, Marketing Director of RMP Enterprise and a voracious advocate of early talent is thrilled with the report:

“This latest survey is fantastic for the industry as it reinforces how invaluable early talent is. With 74% of employers making a job offer to their interns, the fight for talent has never been more competitive. It’s great to see that employers who are investing in early talent are being rewarded with loyal and high-performing graduates and we urge more employers to follow suit.”

RMP Enterprise are champions of early talent, and we look forward to helping more employers attract and hire the best students.