Ocado Group

Changing student perceptions.

Ocado is NOT a supermarket

The challenge

When students think of ‘Ocado’, they might think about a supermarket. Or vans delivering foods to families across the country during the pandemic.

Students don’t immediately think of an employer that’s breaking new ground in retail, logistics and tech.

These perceptions were confirmed through research undertaken by Cibyl. They discovered 50% of students associated Ocado Group with consumer goods.

Students were unaware of everything else Ocado Group offered in terms of careers. It was clear, these perceptions needed to change.


of students were from minority ethnic backgrounds.


increase from 2019 applications (3,161)

Our campaign

Our team concepted and delivered an integrated attraction campaign. We called it ‘Ocado Unpacked’.

The campaign was focused on challenging the perceptions surrounding the employer brand. To unpack the misconceptions, and underline what it’s really like to be a grad at Ocado Group.

Ocado Unpacked had three clear and measurable objectives:

1) Increase awareness of Ocado Group among students

2) Challenge perceptions about Ocado Group in a fun and engaging way

3) Increase applications to Ocado Group’s graduate programmes

It was REALLY important to create a feel-good, simple and interactive way for students to engage with Ocado Group.

So the RMP team developed a microsite (a mini-website) to host a five-question challenge. The questions revolved around their graduate programme, recent projects and culture.

Ocado Unpacked was promoted by Brand Ambassadors, RateMyPlacement, all social channels as well as 86 societies.

All students that engaged with the campaign then received nurturing comms and helpful tips to encourage them to apply for Ocado Group’s graduate roles.

These comms were built, managed and delivered via RMP Connect - our talent community and communications platform.

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The results


Students took part in the ‘Ocado Unpacked’ Challenge


Of students were from minority ethnic backgrounds. This was a KEY goal for Ocado Group - they were passionate about making sure underrepresented groups were being informed about their career opportunities.


Total applications


Increase from 2019 applications (3,161)

In short, perceptions of Ocado Group had changed

“Your brand is stronger with students interested in IT who know you most for corporate social responsibility. You are now known for your innovation and good work-life balance.”

Cibyl Market Research, 2021