Volvo Group

Driving high-quality applications for the seventh year in a row

The Objective

Volvo are a well-known and highly respected brand who don’t struggle for quantity of applications.

In their 7th year working with us, our team created a bespoke targeted package to drive high quality applicants to their roles.

To do this, our team came up with three clear and measurable objectives:

- Drive high-quality student applications

- Recruit multiple roles across various business areas

- Target students by relevant business areas


of total applicants were through RateMyPlacement


of Marketing and Business applicants came from RateMyPlacement

Our campaign

Our team delivered a multi-faceted strategy to increase reach, target specific students and drive high-quality and relevant applicants to Volvo’s roles.

We were able to not only re-target students who had already searched for Volvo roles, but reach those who were also searching for other similar job types within the industry.

Activities included:

- Multiple targeted emails to students based on degree types

- Google retargeted advertising based on relevant searches across the platform

- Featured jobs for relevant keywords

The results

Our targeted approach achieved high results, with more students than ever applying for Volvo’s roles through RateMyPlacement.

10,741 total company views

4,934 total job views

91,019 impressions through Google retargeting

RateMyPlacement Applicants per industry:

- Engineering and Logistics Internship – 10 out of 29

- Para Legal Internship – 51 out of 92

- Commercial Business Support Internship - 74 out of 112

- Engineering Internship – 41 out of 82

- Finance Internship – 106 out of 143

- Accountant Internship – 63 out of 103

- Marketing & Business Support Coordinator Internship – 97 out of 127

442/688 total applicants came from RateMyPlacement

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