A Global Bank

A campaign which reached over a million students, with inclusion at its heart

The challenge

A global bank with inclusion at its heart, were finding it difficult to go to every university campus they planned to visit.

Time and resource made it near-impossible to hit every campus. So they came to us for help.

Their objectives:

  • They wanted to reach MORE students than ever before

  • Promote their diversity and inclusion initiatives

  • Enhance their reputation through reputable ranking tables like the Times Top 100


universities reached


students visited the campaign website

Our campaign

Considering their goal was to interact with as many students as possible, we decided to create a campaign that could be promoted on-campus and across all of our online channels.

We also understood the importance of bringing D&I to the forefront of the work. Our team came up with the campaign name and principle message ‘Including You’ to really underline their commitment to inclusivity.

For longevity and to maintain engagement, the campaign had three consecutive, thematically linked and interactive stages.

Stage One

A short quiz to educate students on their D&I initiatives.

Stage Two

Students given the opportunity to submit an answer to the Q: What does inclusion mean to you?

Stage Three

All students were invited to the ‘Including You’ Virtual Event to find out more about the importance of D&I within the bank, and were given an open platform to share their own experiences.

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The results

1.6 million

students interacted with the campaign


universities reached

239% ⇧

in engagement compared to previous, non-RMP campaigns


students visited the campaign website

5,245 applications started

Throughout all of the online and on-campus activity, over 5,000 students clicked to find out more and clicked ‘APPLY’