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Based on thousands of student-written reviews, RateMyApprenticeship's Top Employers showcase companies that offer the best work experience opportunities for school and college leavers.

top 100 apprenticeship employersThese employers benefit from market insights and enhanced exposure to students, featuring on the exclusive Top Employers page on, which receives over 100,000 monthly visits.

In addition to online coverage, Top Employers feature in our unique student publication, ‘A Guide to Career Options for School & College Leavers’, designed to educate and inspire young people about the best post-education opportunities open to them. Each year, five copies are distributed to every school and college in the UK, providing a unique platform for the these employers to showcase their brand and opportunities to school leavers, careers advisors and parents across the UK.

"I find your guides extremely useful. I do a lot of work with 6th formers who are increasingly interested in higher and degree apprenticeships as an alternative to university." Kerry Chester, Careers Lead, Cotham School

Cotham School
"I think it’s a great book and I know that students and parents will find it very useful. I am a parent of a child in Year 11 and it really appeals to me and my son, so I know it is well received." Sara Bray, Careers Advisor, Gildredge House School

Gildredge House School

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